App Review Hootsuite


Hootsuite is a where you can manage multiple social media accounts in one place. It also lets multiple people have access to the same social media apps at the same time thus lettingĀ multiple contributors to work together before posting something on social media. For us it works because seeing as we are in different states it lets everyone review what is going to be posted on social media so everyone can agree if it works or not etc. Hootsuite works with pretty much every social media profile we use Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and even Mailchimp. Another great thing about Hootesuite is thatĀ monitors mentions of your brand and you can see the feedback to a post and thus seeing it’s effectiveness. This is very helpful because it let’s us know what posts work in getting a lot of interaction and which don’t, and thus we make changes to out future posts accordingly. Another great thing about Hootesuite is the ability to schedule posts for a future time, seeing as many of Live Breathes Futbol customers are from different continents and it different time zones it let’s us schedule a post for say 10AMĀ Central European Time, meaning 4AM local time.

Adobe Capture App Review

For my communications designs course I was working on an ad campaign for Degree deodorant, we decided to go with a hand written typeface since it’s something that is really popular at the moment and it fit better than just a standard font. The teacher approved of the design and before the Adobe Capture app you would have to scan or take a picture of your work then vectorize it in illustrator. With the Adobe Capture app all you need to do is take a picture of it and it vectorizes it for you. The work then links with your illustrator file online, savings you hours of work.