Journal #1 – Searching

I am starting this internship class without already having found an internship. It has been difficult to find a internship that fits my schedule of full time school and full time work.  I am hoping that I can find a paid internship or if not something that I can work remotely. Worse case scenario I will have to quit my job as my priority at the moment is graduating this December. I feel like I need to work on my portfolio a little more and make it fit the type of job that I want to find. I am looking for an internship in magazine design for either a Futbol magazine or a Travel magazine. I have done a couple of magazines for my type classes and also worked on a travel magazine on my own just so I could have it in my portfolio. Finding a internship in itself is a job, there are so many websites just for finding jobs and internships and you have to create an account on all of them, upload your resume, and make a custom  cover letter for each listing you want to apply to.