Journal #5 – My Role

As mentioned earlier my process for getting a internship was a little different then most. I started messaging companies that I was interested in working in via Twitter. I hit up Ebun the owner and told him that I was a graphic designer and needed to take an internship before graduating and would like to intern with his company. He was very down to earth from the beginning and told me to send him some examples of my work. We were messaging for a couple of hours talking about a variety of things futbol and what I’d like to do in the future etc. He told me he knew the people at 8by8 magazine and that he could possibly introduce me to someone in the future. He told me what the company really needed at the moment was somebody to run the social media channels. To get more followers and to get more engagement which would hopefully lead to more sales as well as doing various graphic works for social media and the website. I sent him some of the t-shirt designs that I used to sell on my own as well as other designs that I have made. He said that he was interested in some of them and that we could speak about me selling them to him at a future date. My primary role will be to get more engagement on the social media sites and to come up with digital marketing ideas. He will also let me design graphics to use in social media and do some photoshoots for new releases as well.