Journal #7 – Learning on the Job

Being a “Director of Social Media” or a “Brand Manager” is something that is completely new to me but It was something that I was meaning to learn more about anyways. I joined a subreddit for social media managers and signed up to a Skillshare class from one of my favorite designers. I have already learned many things in such a short amount of time, for example how import it is to have a social media brand strategy and not just posting things for the sake of posting. I also learned how crucial having a posting schedule is to a brand. I made accounts on Iconosquare and WEBSTA, both of which measure analytics for your posts on Instagram. Using these products we can figure out what is the best time for us to post content. I was told to focus more on Instagram since that is where the brand gets more reactions and to come up with a strategy to  grow the Twitter and Facebook accounts. Ebun, the co-founder of the company and jack of all trades told me how every time Facebook makes a change to their pages algorithm it gets harder and harder to get seen without spending money.

example of recent instagram post