Journal #4 – Live Breathe Futbol

Live Breathe Futbol was born in 2010 when founder, Ebun Olaloye, a architecture student at Temple University created 21 t-shirts to celebrate his 21st birthday. The shirts sold out in a matter of hours and the rest is history. Live Breathe Futbol is a apparel company that focuses on designing futbol specific products. Futbol is most popular sport in the world, with billions watching and playing daily. Live Breathe Futbol’s aim is to deliver top class garments and experiences that celebrate the passion, history, and beauty of futbol. They brand sponsors two amateur soccer teams, a futsal team, and have a showroom in Philadelphia where their headquarters are located.

Up until recently they had only taken out t-shierts and sweaters but this year they released the Maestro jacket and pants moving into the futbol apparel. They have grown even year since their start and have customers world wide and are available at the top futbol retailers in the world.