Journal #10 – New Opportunities

Things at Live Breathe Futbol have been going good, the engagement and likes have been growing monthly so far and I have been given some more tasks to work on. They told me to come up with a social media campaign for the Spring/Summer collection for next year and also that they would be letting me shoot the collection in New York. I would be in charge or every aspect from the shoot from getting the models to the styling. I am very happy because it is something that I always wanted to try and another thing that I have been meaning to practice more is my photography. I have also been doing design work for the company and was told that if they choose one of my designs and produce it they would pay for the design plus I would get money from every shirt sold. Ebun has been really great with me and I’m hoping to meet him sometime after the semester ends, He told me that I should think about moving to Philadelphia to join the team. I was really honored to hear that but I don’t know if I am capable of taking that step at this time.