Meet the Pros: J. Walter Thompson

For my first networking event I went to the Meet the Pros with the people from J. Walter Thompson. This one was a special one because it had an ex City Tech alum Emely Perez. It was a very excellent Meet the Pros and the atmosphere was very relaxed, not like the typical Meet the Pros, I don’t know if it was because of the age of the guests or what. Besides Emely there were also four other J. Walter Thompson creatives and they all spoke about how they got to the position they are now. They gave us tips on how to get your work out there, on books that inspired them and even shared some of their best work. It was a very inspiring time and they were very down to earth and helpful. I’ve been to many Meet the Pros and this one was definitely the best. After the event they stayed back and spoke to anybody for a good 20 minutes and gave us their social media information so we could connect with them through there as well.