Journal #3 – Bittersweet

I sent my email to Cooper at 8by8 Magazine and he got back to me and said that we should have a phone interview. We worked out a time that worked for him which gave me a couple of days to prepare, I started reading all the articles I could about phone interviews and how to ace them in preparation for my upcoming interview. On the day of the interview he didn’t call, which was disappointing but his communication at this point hadn’t really been the best but he had mentioned that they were getting ready to launch the new issue so things were a little crazy at the moment. I wrote to him to remind him about our interview and if everything was fine and he never responded. I didn’t want to be a pest so I didn’t write to him again. It was hard for me especially since things seemed to be going good and then out of no where he just cut off communication.

I went back to social media and started writing to other companies and magazines that i liked and got a response from two futbol brands. Both of the companies are clothing brands and one is planning on launching a magazine in the near future. The first brand is called Live Breathe Futbol, they are a soccer lifestyle brand out of Philadelphia PA, and were established in 2011. The second one is called Guerrilla FC, they’re also a clothing brand started two years ago but want to get into the magazine market in the near future. Since Guerrilla FC isn’t a registered business I’m not sure if it will be allowed for this class but since they are giving me a chance on being on the magazine aspect from launch I decided to intern with them ass well seeing as that is what I would like to do in the future. Live Breathe Futbol made me in charge of the social media accounts and will be giving me some design work in the near future. They won’t be paying me but I get all the free merchandise that I want.