Professor Kate Poirier | D772 | Spring 2023

Project# 3 Draft

By: Luijen Payano


  1. Javier Bonilla

    I think AI wrote this because it keeps the most summarized text. Since the real problem does not involve partial differential equations, you should include an example of solving one problem and I recommend changing the color text to make more contrast to the background.

  2. Ken Mei

    After looking over your draft I think you picked option A. Some suggestions that may help is that you could put your 5th and 6th slides information together in one slide so that the viewer could see the equation as well as what each variable is defined as. Another suggestion is the color of the text, a darker color font would make it easier to see and read. Finally, could specify if there are more predators and if there are more prey you intend to use for this project because the only animal mentioned was rabbits being prey and there wasn’t any mention of predator animals. Unless your range of focus is predator animals that mainly hunt rabbits as prey then you wouldn’t need to add to the prey list. But if that isn’t the case I thought that the focus on predator animals were too vague and could use more focus and the focus on prey was too narrow and could be expanded on because prey isn’t solely just rabbits.

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