Leiser’s Wines & Liquors


Chandanie Ramsahai
HMGT 2402
Professor Goodlad
April 3, 2014


Leiser’s Liquors has been a family owned wine and liquor store since 1947. It is located at 41-30 162nd Street, Flushing, New York 11358. The store is opened seven days a week from 9:30AM to 9:00PM Monday to Friday and various hours on Saturday and Sunday. Leiser’s Liquors was a single unit storefront that moved to the corner of 162nd Street and had two expansions in 1983 and 2003. It is now over 3500 square feet and they have a large selection of over 4500 items. When visiting a wine and liquor store that has such a huge selection of items one might become overwhelmed if they are not knowledgeable with wines and spirits.


When first walking into Leiser’s I was taken back at how large the store is. There were eight aisles divided into sixteen sections front and back. Each section was clearly labeled with a sign stating what was in each. The front of the store in aisle one was Scotch and Cognac, aisle two was vodka, aisle four pre-made cocktails, aisle five red Italian, aisle six red California, aisle seven French winesand champagne and aisle eight was dessert wines, port wines, and French wines. The back of the store in aisle one was bourbon and jug wines, aisle two was rum, tequila andgin, aisle three was wines from Australia and New Zealand, aisle four had cordials, aisle five had Italian white, aisle six California wines, aisle seven German wines, champagne and wines from Portugal. Towards the back of the store there are all the Sutter Home, Arbor Mist, Barefoot and Beringer wines.


The layout of the store provides customers with a sense of direction. If I had never taken a wine course I would not know where to begin and I would not know what to ask the employees, which were very scarce. There was one man stocking shelves, a younglady at the register as well as an older man. No one really paid any attention to me or asked if I needed help as I walked around. The store was very busy with different types and ages of people. An older couple pushing their cart around seemed to be regulars as they knew exactly what they wanted and what aisles to find them in. It wasn’t until I got to the aisle with the man stocking shelves was I asked if I needed help. That was about fifteen minutes after I had been in the store. I explained that I am taking a wine class and I was here to research and write an assignment on my experience at a wine store. He told me I had come to the right place since they have a large selection. I asked if I could take pictures and he replied, “Yes, if you need anything else or have any questions please let me know.”

The most expensive wines they had were red wines the first being an Opus One Napa Valley Red 2006 priced at $599.99. The second highest price wine is the Gaja Sori San Lorenzo 2006 from Piedmont Italy. There was also a Sandemean Tawny Port 40 years old listed at $119.99 a bottle. The lowest prices ranged from $5 for a Barefoot Merlot to a $5 Barefoot Sauvignon Blanc. Overall, I was very impressed with the size of the store. It could use some renovations and upgrades but the selection was grand. The staff could be more interact with the customers in making sure they are finding what they need because not everyone will just say they need help.IMG_7347

Visiting a retail wine shop has made me realize how much knowledge I have gained during this semester. I am more aware of what I am looking for and I am able to read a wine label properly. I also have some kind of expectation when choosing a bottle of wine. Leiser’s Liquors may be a store that I visit in the future it was just a little bit of a commute for me.

Retail Wine Shop- Wines of California

Retail Wine Shop- Wines of California


I was on trip for work and as I was trying to hit all the big tourist areas I landed upon the Fisherman’s Wharf. In this area there were several wine shops to choose from. The one that got my attention was the Wines of California.

The decoration was very minimal. I don’t believe they needed marking as much because of their location. They were in the middle of a highly populated area. Besides being located by the ocean, this area is also mostly visited by tourists. They were also one of the wine shops that had specials on wine tasting.


Like most shops, there weren’t many employees in the store but they did have one employee just greeting in the front. The store layout was set up for even someone that doesn’t really know about wines to find a great red or white bottle of wine that they think they might be looking for. The layout was marketed mostly to their ‘California Wines’ from Napa and Sonoma.


If I wasn’t as knowledgeable about the wine bottle information I would’ve been happy with drinking wine from ‘Sonoma County’, as labeled in one of the bottles of Chardonnay that I saw in store. What they had out of glass was their white wines so pinot noir, Chardonnay or sauvignon blanc. They did have red wines on the back side of the shop. What they also had was reserved wine but those were behind glass. What I learned about reserved wine was that those were the best of the best. To be more specific, the reserved wine is the wine from the top vineyards, from best vines, from the best grapes, from the most expensive barrel they own. What also makes it a reserve was the fact that the employees nourished the wine and kept it in the barrel longer. Several testers also come in to play when deciding what wine has the most of what they want to give. It could be more tannins or age (it just depends on the vineyard).

rws2  rws1

There was a huge list of wines that you could taste. They sorted everything by White and red wines. (White wines being more affordable) There was a separate tasting room for all who were willing to send a few hours tasting. At the time I visited the shop was packed so I was moved along to the back to see what else they had. I realized that this particular shop they were looking for an older crowd to lavish in the wines.

While walking around in the shop I realized I would’ve been uncomfortable if not for taking this extensive wine class. I appreciated the labels a lot more as I picked out their vintage wines and looked at the prices. Going through the bottles of wine in class I was able to sort through the vast collection of California wines to find which one was the best for me. I loved the descriptions that they had under the bottles. I reminded me of the tastings we’ve gone through in class. My favorite description was ‘This Moscato is the closest thing to summer that you can capture in a bottle! It has refreshing flavors of peach, tangerine, melon, and honeysuckle’. It intrigued me to look at the wine. Obviously I wasn’t able to purchase but when I’m of age I would definitely come back to sit for some tastings.

Retail Store : A Day At Leiser

It was raining and cold before I left the house. I had second thoughts about going there after being stuck in traffic for half an hour. But I decided to get it over with and visited Leiser’s just as I promised its owner. Before my visit, I had called Leiser’s and spoke to a gentleman named Eric Leiser. He politely told me that it was okay for me to research and write about his store.  Out of all wine stores in New York City, I had the opportunity to visit Leiser’s Wines and Liquors over the weekend.

In 1947 Lloyd Leiser Sr. opened Leiser’s Wines & Liquors on 162nd street as a single unit storefront. It had since expanded to 3500 square feet and now carries over 4500 different items in their store. Leiser’s is a well-known wine store in Queens and they currently have a web page where you can literally place orders. Their location is not hard to find since it’s located on the corner of 162nd and Sanford Avenue. The parking is very easy to find and their store sign is big enough for anyone to see. My first observation of the store’s facade was not very impressive at all. It was an older looking liquor store but bigger compared to the ones found in the city. Perhaps they want to give an impression to prospective customers that they sell alcohol beverages for less. I can’t quite understand why they wouldn’t modernize or update their store due to the fact that they have been in business for over 66 years. I just rationalized in my head that sometimes, it’s not what the store looks like outside but more of what it holds inside.

As soon as I walked into the store, I was amazed at how big the store really was inside. I then walked straight to the cashier and asked for Eric Leiser. They had told me Eric was not able to see me but left a message that it was okay for me to roam around the store taking notes and pictures. After I was allowed to, I proceeded with my investigative research in the store. As I started my walk through, I had found that their floor, walls and shelves are very old as well. On the other hand, the items they sold were neatly placed on the shelves and variety seemed to be there. The first section of wines I got to was all local wines from New York. There were hundreds of local wines displayed on their shelves. Since I was not so familiar with our local wines, I moved on to different sections of wines. The thing I didn’t like about their store is that there were no signs or flags indicating which region of the world wines were from. I had to read all the labels on the wines to know which section I was really in. Instantly I started pondering their reasoning behind not putting signs or flags for different sections. Is it because they wanted to be intimately helpful toward their customers? It can’t be, because the employees were busy stocking new items on the shelves or at the register. I even asked one employee where South African wines were and he just pointed at the section indicating where they were. Once I was by South African wine section, I found no more than 10 or 15 brands of wine imported from South Africa. I was disappointed because they didn’t have the M.A.N. family wine, pinotage 2011 I was looking for. For a large store as such as Leiser’s, I expected to find more selection of wines. I took a mental note not to ever come here for South African wines and moved on to my favorite French wine section.

They had hundreds of French wines on display and I was impressed. Three of the most expensive French wines in their collection were Chateau Carruades de Lafite 2010 appellation Pauillac priced at $360, Chateau Duhart Milon 2010 appellation Pauillac priced at $200 and Chateau Palmer 2006 appellation Margaux priced at $360. One thing I found was that they had great selection of great French wines under $20. Since I was on under $20 wine budget, I tried looking for most interesting wine for myself. Voila! I found one I was very tempted to drink at home for cold raining day such as today. The bottle I found was from Chateau Clos Hortense 2010 appellation Saint Emilion, Bordeaux and it was only $17. I thought it was a fair price to pay for a wine from Bordeaux.

Leiser’s also had large selection of wines from Italy, Chile, Australia and United States. I was not really impressed with their wine selection from Germany and South Africa only because they lacked variety. The wines they had to offer prices ranged from $6 to $600 and everything else in between. This is a great place to go to stock up wines for your average parties or just to enjoy with your love ones at home. The employees there didn’t seem very friendly or seem too eager to help. I would recommend that you know your wines before you go to Leiser’s. Over all experience at Leiser’s was boring because I didn’t see many of the top wines I learned in class but it was simply educational.

This is Leiser’s Liquors link: http://www.leisers.com/

Wine Retail Store Analysis Wine Retail Store Analysis


Wright & Goebel, Wine and Spirits, By Brenda Lopez

                For this assignment I chose to visit a liquor store in the Brooklyn area. I liquor I went to was called Wright & Goebel, Wine and Spirits. It is located on 147 Flatbush Ave Extension. The store around a 10-minute walk from City Tech. The facility was rather small compared to an average Wine/ Liquor store. Although it was a smaller store I thought the layout was set up very classy with a fancy décor they were organized and customer friendly. As you can tell in figure 4 all of the spirits are on the wall, organized from clear and dark. I was disappointed in the lack staff. There was only a man at the register. He greeted me and I asked him if I might take a look around because I was working on an assignment for mywine class. The man was friendlyand didn’t help me any further.

As for the layout there was 3 lanes. They stocked everything based on the style of wine such as red, white, sparkling, etc and the region. As you walk in through door I noticed the first that was there was California wines and I have an example, the region of the wine is Santa Cruz Mountains, California and the wine is a Cabernet Sauvignon, vintage 2010. On the bottle there was also percentages of each grape varieties. I was surprised in how much this wines alcohol percentage was 13.5%. (Picture below). As I looked around some more I tired to find wine that we have learned about in class. In the far right there was wines for France and New York in middle lane there was some Italian wines. I was moreinterested in the Italian wines being that at the time I went we have not yet learned about them. There are also German wines in the middle as well. I was a bit anxious when I was looking at the German wines because the names of the wines, I couldn’t even attempt to pronounce them. I became more familiar on some wines and grape varieties because what we learned in class. I was proud of myself because I easily read the labels of the wines and understood pretty well the name the grape variety and vintage etc, I also looked at the back for the AOC’s or the DOC’s.

Walking through the facility I noticed the prices. The store had a very wide variety of pricing throughout in the lanes; I thought some were pretty affordable. In the front were the Champagne’s accompanied be the most expensive. I asked the man who worked there which was your cheapest wine, the man replied $5, which was in the carton, I then asked, and your most expensive? He replied $430. I was shocked. The name of the wine is a Henri Giraud, the name is Argoone is a Champagne the region is France; it is an Ay GrandCru Brut, 2002. There were bottles from $12 to $50 dollar range some of the spirits were a little more but I was shocked but the Henri Giraud price. The facility does offer some discounts but customers do have to sign up for them online. (Picture below). I recommend them to get more staff because it doesn’t look professional just having one staff member working and they should also get some working on the floor to help customers.

Overall my experience at Wright & Goebel was interesting to say the least but I was impressed in the organization the store and it being customer friendly. I like that they haddifferent types of wines for each region. I environment was nice and welcoming. It was great that they had affordable wine for people with low budgets. I would return to Wright & Goebel and recommend it to.IMG_3656

the most expensive wine

the most expensive wine


IMG_3668IMG_3657IMG_3669IMG_3660IMG_3674IMG_3656 IMG_3657

Grand Wine and Liquor

Photo Apr 08, 2 46 55 PM

The wine shop that i visited is one of store from the references from the Professor that called Grand Wine and Liquor. It is located in 30-05 31st St, Astoria, NY 11102. The store is in a very strategic place, where is right in the 30st station for N, Q train. When i went there, i actually took a cab because I want to get there faster, surprisingly, when I told the cab driver the address, he told me that he know that the address where i am going to is the Grand Wine and Liquor store. I asked him, how does he know, and he said that this store has been established for many years and he used to buy wine there.

As soon as i get there, from the outside, there is no way people cannot see the store even from one block away. This is not a small store. It maybe they combined two or three stores into this one big store. When i walked in, I see the cashier who is standing behind the desk, and i introduced myself that I am a student from City Tech, Brooklyn, she smiled and warmly allow me to see around and taking pictures as well. Photo Apr 08, 3 36 38 PM

To be honest, at the first time when i looked around, the moment of truth is confusing for me. I just know that they divided wines on the left hand side and for spirits on my left hand side.  However, after I go around, i noticed they used map to represent the sections of where are the wines come from.

Photo Apr 08, 3 09 15 PM

I start from the closest section when i walk into the store. There was no sign of which country where these rack of wines come from, but since we already studied wine from France, when i saw Medoc, St Emilion, Margaux labels on the rack, i know that all of these wines are from France.

This assignment is actually becomes my first experience to walk into a wine and liquor store. I don’t know how the other stores arranged their wines, but in this store that make me noticed, they are very specific on dividing wines from California. They have one rack special for California Merlot, California Pinot Noir, California Savignon Blanc, California Zinfendel that i believe can make the consumers find their favorite wine from California easier.

Photo Apr 08, 3 12 04 PM Photo Apr 08, 3 12 17 PM

As i keep browsing the stores, i found they have many wines from many countries. I saw Argentina, Austrian, German, Australian wines on the very right isle of the store. Before i visited this store, i didnt know that Yellow tail wine is a typical wine that come from Australia until i saw how a full of rack of Yellow Tail wine in the Australian section.

Photo Apr 08, 2 54 40 PM

In the middle of the isle, they put some expensive wines in the etalase. When i was staring and taking pictures of the wines, there was one lady who came to me and she explain why are these wines are put in there. Basically because it is special wines, expensive and not easy to find. surprisingly, she told me that these wines are not supposed to be stored like how they do in this store but the costumers might not know about it. She said that the temperature is not right and so on. I guess she is not working there but she is a regular customers and understand about wines.

Photo Apr 08, 2 52 10 PM

When i spent time in the store, i was not really talk with someone who is walking in the store, because they were seems busy with the costumers, but when it came i find a rack with so many types of wines from varieties countries, i asked one of the worker. He explained that they put many wines from many countries but they seperated by the types of grapes. So there are pinot noir from many countries, then savignon blanc from many countries, etc. The reason why they did this because they lack of spaces to arranges enormous numbers of wines from countries on each sections.

In addition to that, i asked why there are some bottles in the fridge besides the sparkling wines and Champagne instead they put in the rack. He said that some people wants to consume the wines right away, so they provide those wines, so it is ready to serve. Photo Apr 08, 3 36 47 PM

The price range in this store is between $5,99 is the cheapest as far as i see to $18 average, and there are more than $400 for the expensive wines.

Lastly, this store also offer wine tasting and they posted in the window outside the store and also inside the store. I think this is a very great way to introduce wine to more people especially a person like me as a student and who is not really interested in wine because i dont really understand the differences and taste before i am studying with Professor Goodlad. 100_6679

Retail Wine Shop- Prospect Wine Shop

When I cam across this wine shop, I was really interested in walking in and seeing what their concept was about because of how they showcased their primary window.


It is decorated in an April Easter theme with not one wine in the window. With little bunnies, a goose, and some yellow and white tulips. Just the fact that they didn’t try to showcase their best wine show that they aren’t taking compensation from companies to showcase their wine on their window. It makes me feel like this wine shop is putting more of themselves into their image. The lac of excessive bottles on the outside, gives you an image into the warm yellow lighting of the inside. There was also a board on the outside that had a quote on it…


It made me feel like the owner or manager of this specific wine shop is a very spiritual person and views wine as something more than just making money of off it. Going into this wine shop I expected a very relaxed and calm feel to the inside.

When I walked into the wine shop, it wasn’t a huge space but it had an extensive collection of different wines. I wanted to start looking around on my own before actually speaking with one of the sales associates. The area was set up by the region that the wines were from. In the front of the store to the left, in a easily accessible areas, close to the check out counter, were the American whites and reds, to Italians Wines. Then it proceeded to the French Wine section. They have a section for Bordeaux, Loire Reds and Loire Whites, and Burgundy. I noticed that some of the wines were laid out on their backs and others were simply standing up. I asked the sales associate if there is a specific reason as to why they do this with certain wines and not others and she said that they pick certain wines with certain qualities to lay at an angle and now necessarily all the way down because not only does it keep the cork damp, but it also keeps some of the air bubbles at the top of the bottle of wine instead of at the middle which says allows a slower maturation and oxidation.


Right after the section of the French wine, on the other side was the champagne section. and their extensive collection of organic wines. This specific winery is know for their organic wines.


I asked the sales associate what specifically made organic wine organic and she said that when the grapes are being grown, the viticulture practices have to be in accordance with what labels food organic, meaning that there isn’t any use of pesticides, chemical fertilizers etc. She stated that the Vinification practices have to be ALSO be organic, which means that there is little to no manipulation to the flavor and taste of the wine (no oak chips). She said that not many of the wines that are organic will say it on the label, so their customer really trust their words and knowledge when picking our the right wine. This organic wine is very popular to the people surrounding the neighborhood. This made sense to me since this wine shop is located in park slope.

The staff was really friendly and I could tell that the sale associate knows their information. She states that she gets the enthusiasm from the manager. She is very passionate about wines and is a very insightful person. She believe that people aren’t really taught to differentiate taste and smell and that when most people come into a wine shop they feel extremely intimidated. She takes joy in welcoming people into the world of wine.

The winery does wine tasting certain days and times.


They do this in their outdoor patio garden. It is nothing that is exquisite, but I believe that the patio goes perfect with the wine shop and how it presents itself.

I am really glad I was able to visit this wine shop. When I was strolling around the shop, I felt really good because I was able to recognize Grape Varieties and Appellations. If I had walked into this wine shop anytime before taking my wine class I would not have been able to have an intellectual conversation or ask the right questions to the sales associate. She didn’t really know the answer to ALL of my questions, but she was able to provide me information that I did not know. I would definitely be coming back to the shop when the manager is actually in.

Grand Wine and Liquor

The wine shop I visited was “Grand Wine and Liquor”. This shop is located in 30-05 31TH street Astoria, NY 11102. This wine shop is in a good location because it is closer to the N/R train station and it is distinguish by their big blue canopy. The front of the store advertises different varieties and popular brands of spirits on their windows to attract the attention of clients.

Upon entering to the store, I saw a cashier whom I introduce myself letting her know that I am a wine student from City Tech in Brooklyn. I ask her for permission to take pictures inside of the store and she kindly said “Yes, no problem”. This store has monthly calendar days of wine tasting which I think is fantastic as it attracts new clients that will purchase some wine, and also an opportunity for students like us to explore and learn more about the wine industry. The store also uses plenty of advertisement offering lower prices on their products, displaying them inside and outside of the store.

The store had a very interesting layout; on the entrance they have two fridges containing white wines and champagne bottles. These fridges are located there for one reason. The clerk explains to me that some clients want their bottle ready to consume as soon as they get home, saving them time cooling off their purchased product.

It was a surprise for me to see that this store is offering more variety of wines than spirits. The layout of the wines started on the right side with the France section, advertising Loire in a post. The france section started with different AOC such as St. Emilion, Margaux/St.Estephe, Merdoc and Cahors. In this section, I recognize the wines from Bordeaux with different appellations. It was really interesting and helpful having some tags posted on the aisles for example a France bottle from Rhone Valley where the tag has the description of the color, the aroma expected, and the balance on the wine.



On the same aisle, after the France section it continues with the California wines which are the biggest section in this store. They divided the California section from the variety of grapes, the first section started with Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, Sirah and Zinfandel.




Other wines are located in the back area, displaying wines from different countries such as Australia, their most popular brand Yellow Tail. One interesting fact is that this wine is produced by Casella Wines Pty Ltd based in Yenda, Australia, which has a population of approximately 1400 people. Also wines from Croatia, Romania, Hungary Bulgaria and many other countries.



On the left side they have located the Italian wine section which is identified with an Italy map in a poster. I was excited because this was our passed lecture in class, in which I could identify wines from different regions and learned a variety of wines such as Tuscano and bottles labeled with DOC’s.



Another section in the left side is the Latin-American section and it was identifiable with an Argentine map in a poster. I know we will be studying this area soon during class. Based on The Sommelier book, “Argentina ranks fifth in world in terms of total wine production”. That is amazing.


The last section on the left side was located the Spirit section. This section was identifiable with different post promoting Gin, Tequila and Rum. One interesting and expensive spirit was a “Remi Martin Louis XIII” with a price tag of only $999,999.99!! Unfortunately I left my credit card at home.



I notice that this shop has a wide price selection ranging from $9.99 and up. Besides the advertisement outside of the store, they have flyers inside offering special discounts and also business cards for their clients. Also, their website which is really convenient because you can choose a wine from the variety of grapes or the types of beverage you wants. www.grandliquors.com

I think one area to improve is perhaps having a shelf full of wines located in the middle of the store displaying a variety from different countries. One of the sale assistant told me that the reason for not having that shelf is because they don’t have more space, for that reason they have to mix it, even though the shelf is label by the variety of grape.

It was an amazing experience to visit this shop and do this assignment. I really enjoy seeing how wine shops organize different sections. Also, understand and differentiate the appellations, AVA’s, DOC’s. Thanks professor Goodland for this assignment!


Crush Wine and Spirits is located at 153 E 57th st New York, 10022. crush has been in operation since 2005 and is owned by Robert Schagrin and Drew Nieporent amongst others. the hours of operation are from 12:00 pm – 9:00 pm Monday to Friday, 11:00am – 8:00 pm Saturdays and 1:00 pm – 7:00 pm on Sundays. Crush is a busy store and has 25 staff overall that is including the warehouse, and on any single day there are about 16 staff on duty. On this particular day that I visited at around 5:00 pm on Thursday 8th of April there were about seven visible staff on the floor. 2 cashiers upon entry, two sommeliers busy on their computers that are mounted along the center of the store, two staff in an open back office and one cleaner. The store signage and name are well placed for easy identification as shown below.


Upon entry I was taken aback by a sight that suggested I had stepped into a shoe shiner office than a national wine store.The desk and two cashiers on the immediate left when one enters looked to me displaced. I didn’t understand why being a hospitality industry the first sight is cluttered desk rather than being welcomed by inviting and hospitable staff. The second disappointment was that the staff seemed more busy on their computers and with little time for incoming customers. The two cashiers threw a quick glance at me and resumed their work on their computers. I walked up to the center of the store before anyone spoke to me, and I couldn’t help wondering why everyone seemed so busy on their computers. I  was to learn later that, online business is their cash cow.

Crush clientele; about 70% of their business is done online and through the phone, the rest is walk in customers and that is why my presence wasn’t generating much interest. I also noticed that customers who came in seemed well versed with the store and picked their choice and headed to the cashiers. This was a big difference from other wine stores I have visited where staff greet you at the door and have time for customers. The other type of customers are co-operate accounts, but they don’t supply to hotels and restaurants.

Crush wine: Is high quality wine and value-priced sourced from the major wine producing regions of the world. The store focuses on “specialty” wines from the major producers.

Our selection is diverse, but the common theme that unites many of our wine & spirits is their limited production. These wines & spirits are hand-crafted by independent producers whose care and attention is reflected in their individual quality. While a volume-driven producer can ship as many as 4 million cases per year, many of our winemakers produce less than 5,000 cases during the same amount of time. We also carry a wide selection of “friendly faces” that many of our customers are familiar with, all priced competitively with other New York area shops.

The major regions featured amongst others are :- France; Burgundy, Beaujolais, Bordeaux, Alsace, Champagne, Rhone valley and South France. Italy; Central, North and southern Italy. Germany:- Baden, Franken, Nahe and mosel. USA:- Californua, Washington, New York and Oregon. And wines from Austria, New Zealand, Portugal and  Spain.



Display: As the two picture above shows all the wines are displayed by region and grape variety with well written region and varietal names along the top line for easy identification. Small detailed tags with vintage, producer, appellation, wine name and price hang next to each bottle. The price range is from $10:00 -$70:00 and from $70:00 – $1000.00 dollars. The store display and ambience is good and customer friendly paired with good background music that is not noisy nor too faint.

Benefits and Sales: Crush doesn’t do “marketing” but rather has cocktail tastings for spirits every Friday and wine tasting once a month. One distinguishing aspect about wine tasting is that it is always thematic, i.e. every tasting experience is themed along grape variety, region or producer.

Recommendations: Even though it is not to have a reception “per se” the reception area should reflect a welcoming presence or staff should create that atmosphere, that “we are glad to have you here”. Overall the store is well stocked, displayed, and run. The sommelier I spoke to Jared Ramsey was well versed with and knowledgeable in all the areas I enquired about having worked for eight years in the wine industry. Though I couldn’t help feel that he was economical with information so that he could go back to his work, but at the same time being professional.


Scotto’s Wine Cellar

The wine shop I visited was Scotto’s Wine Cellar. The shop is located here in Downtown Brooklyn on 318 Court Street an easy walk-able distance from our school. The store was not hard to spot as it is in front of a bus stop and a good location in Cobble hill with big signs marking it’s name and all the history it went through.


This year they proudly celebrate their 80th year opened ever since the repeal of Prohibition

1493258_10203489469777582_1213738867_n1536435_10203489463777432_241385834_n (1)

Upon entering we were greeted with warm welcomes from the cashier and as we mentioned that we were  New York City College of Technology students they told us that we could browse around and if we needed anything all we had to do was ask but it wasn’t as necessary as how simple and detailed the store was displayed. Everything was separated by the location is was was from and the type of wine it was. They had a wide variety of not just wine but also liquor.


1468505_10203489463897435_2036148261_n - Copy (2) 1982151_10203489468537551_1389579291_n - Copy (2)

Large Neon signs were hung to display the vast variety of not only local wines such as our New York, and California but also imports such as France, Spain, Burgundy, Italy, Australia, South America and etc. Wines were also separated by popular wine type such as dessert wines, Pinot Noir, Riesling, Zinfandel and Chardonnay. Certain wines were even highlighted as Scotto’s Wine selection which included descriptions of the notes it taste like and details of origin.




The only problem i had with this place was that it was a bit cramped as they tried to fit in as much wines as possible in ever shelf where you are left with an narrow 2 feet walkway. To get around it did give a lot of fear to knocking bottles down the way through. Their were many price ranges for the wines from a cheap affordable table wine that only a couple of dollars to even a 600 dollar bottle of Chateau Lafite Rothschild that were locked and tucked away in a cabinet some that didn’t even list a price to it for its rarity.

10004070_10203489465977487_1040195090_n - Copy

10153969_10203489466217493_1029966340_n - Copy

This was not the first time I’ve entered a Wine shop but This class has defiantly opened my eyes for the things i have learned in class. In the pass i would not really pay attention to all the details but now i understand the layout more and more . It was an enjoyable experience to be able to use my knowledge.