Italian Wine Tasting (Arneis): Analy, laura, Samson, Louisa

Pedimont is in northen Italy and is not affected by the Meditaranian Sea because of the coastal mountains surrounding it. It is of continental climate. Wine makers in Piedmont were influence by several different cultures specifically those of France.

DOC of interest: There are more than 40 DOC appellations in Piedmont, more than in any other region.

DOCG of interest: It is home to ten DOG appellations (Highest Quality)

IGT of interest: Piedmont does not have any IGT

Test Question: What is the connection in the way wine is made in Burgandy and Langhes Piedmont?

Test Answer: They focus on single Varietal wines that translate the same unique terroir of small classified regions.

Tasting Notes: Crisp, Complex, well balanced white with fresh notes of wild flowers, honey suckle and melon that build to an elegant lingering finish.

Pairing: Fresh seafood, White meats, and/or creamy cheeses.

Sparkling Wine from Burgundy

For the first time ever I tasted a sparking wine from Burgundy known as Cremant. The grapes were sourced mostly from the northern appellations of Burgundy which is relatively near the region of Champagne so there is a similar (definitely not the same) climatic conditions. Also, in Burgundy they grow the same wine grapes as Champagne (chardonnay and pinot noir as well as aligote which is not found in Champagne) so you would imagine a similar tasting wine, and to be honest there were many similarities.

Wine: Vitteaut-Alberti, Cremant de Bourgogne, Brut, Burgundy

Grapes: Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Aligote

Color: pale stray color with small vibrant but not abundant bubbles

Nose: floral and fruity with hints of apple

Taste: rich with light acidity similar to  fuji apple.

Sarget De Gruaud-Larose 2003 Saint-Julien

WINEFor tonight’s dinner, my father asked
me to choose a bottle of wine, and I randomly chose this Bordeaux. I just
thought this was interesting to share. This is the first Bordeaux I ever tasted,
and it was too acidity for me. It had a strong spicy taste. The spice reminds me
of pepper, but the wine itself smells like tobacco and oak. This seems to be
like a medium body wine and the wine looked clear in the glass.