Spanish red wine

Spanish red wine

I had bought this wine from the retail shop I visited. It is a wine from Spain that was full bodied and aged in coconut and oak. I got notes of oak but unfortunately I did not receive any hints of coconut. I paired it with a robust chicken tortilla soup. At first this wine was too heavy for my palette but the second time I tasted it I enjoyed it much better.

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  1. Thanks for sharing and your honest expression of the taste you found in the wine and for including your food tasting.

    The Crianza will have less oak than might be expected in a wine from Rioja. Though the Reserva will be more expensive you might get more of what you are looking for. Also, the same company makes a line of wines that are more high end. The Cune Imperial was named Wine Spectator wine of the year in 2013. So you made a great choice, keep me posted as you continue to taste.

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