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Hello, I am Carlos Amaro. I am a young adult attempting to find my place in the of world productive self-sufficient individuals. This noble pursuit has led me to choose hospitality management as my new line of academic focus. For the sake of transparency I will admit that I have not had the most illustrious record of success and achievement with respect to my tertiary education. I floundered for a few years in a directionless malaise of liberal arts courses, and despite me graduating from high school at the age of seventeen I now stand at the ripe old age of twenty-one without a degree. After giving some significant thought to how tedious and ultimately harmful my lackadaisical mediocrity was for my future, I decided that I should invest my energy into major that had potential for future employability. I was looking for a major that would confer highly transferable skills. Unsurprisingly, these stipulations led me into the obvious direction of hospitality management.


In all honesty I principally considered hospitality management because the reasonably priced college I am currently attending has a fairly good reputation with respect to that field of study. Initially,  I had the mindset that if I’m not going to endure the arduous process of transferring schools then I might as well try what is probably the most worthwhile- that also doesn’t require too much math- program that my school has to offer. Even though my previously mention motivations might sound rather utilitarian, I must also say that I partially considered  the major due to my deep fascination with geography, global current affairs  and all things indicative of refinement and luxury. To me the hospitality industry provided a unique nexus where all these interest regularly collide. Well before even considering the major I was always interested in reading about innovations in molecular gastronomy or the spending habits of Brazilian tourist for example.  I didn’t know until fairly recently that there was a whole industry that could allow me to indulge in all those varied interest that I have. Ultimately, It was this realization along with the general practicality of it all that made me decide to change my major and vigorously pursue the field of hospitality.

In addition, the hospitality industry seems promising because genuinely feel that it can lead to an opportune and meaningful career. I find this to be very important. I personally do not have much employment experience. My first foray into the world of working adults was in a little known company called Green Mountain Energy. Green Mountain Energy is a renewable energy supplier founded in Vermont but headquartered in Texas, and they claim to produce all their energy from wind and/or solar energy. I worked for them for about eight months starting last November. I was but a mere lowly commission based salesman. I was tasked with the odious duty of stopping people in or in front of specified retail locations and determining whether they were eligible to sign up, and if so, persuading them to sign up. To a lot of my colleagues this was fulfilling work. They got make money on their own time and have the satisfaction of knowing they were helping save the environment. While i did agree it was a noble cause, I was just absolutely not cut out for it. I barely made any money and only worked sparingly. It was honestly a terrible experience. All I can remember is the frigid weather I had to suffer through. Ultimately, I was let go after about eight months due to low performance. That’s why, given all its potential, I feel the hospitality industry is a route to a fulfilling job where I’ll never have to worry about inclement weather causing me financial distress. At this point I am not sure where I’ll end up. I have authentic interest in both front of house and heart of house careers, and as of now I am enthusiastically exploring my options.

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