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Disney Programs: Executive Spotlight with Debbie Hart

Rice Crispy Treat: After Debbie Hart Lecture

During the lecture held at 10:30 am, Debbie Hart introduced herself as the Vice President of Food and Beverage, as well as Merchandise for Disney. She spoke about Disney’s 5 keys and their significance within the company, explaining how they could be applied to one’s focus, including Show, Courtesy, Inclusion, Safety, and Efficiency. These keys are particularly relevant in the Food & Beverage section as they create lasting memories for families who gather together to enjoy Disney’s food and experience. Debbie also shared her journey, highlighting how she stood out from other cast members by going the extra mile to make her work exceptional. She stressed the importance of perseverance, building one’s brand, and pushing for excellence. Debbie is a mother to young teenagers and balances her work and family life through a routine that includes morning workouts and family time, prioritizing self-care first. She also emphasized the importance of dreaming big and shaping our future, encouraging us to believe in ourselves, go beyond our limits, and pursue our dreams. The lecture concluded with a delightful rice crispy treat in the shape of Mickey, leaving the audience excited for more inspiring lectures.

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  1. Prof. Karen Goodlad


    You mentioned the following: “going the extra mile to make her work exceptional.” I would like to add that I believe there is more than this when promoting oneself. I would add the following:

    • let others, especially your boss, know your career asperations
    • develop and mature the skills needed to lead
    • build a network of like minded individuals
    • build a network of people who have skill sets that differ from your own

    Hard work is only once part of the puzzle.

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