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Bog bodies.

Bog bodies found in Europe and Ireland and nearby regions. Body preservation of violent deaths of well-preserved people in the bogs create theories as to why they died.

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The five senses and memory.


The five senses are broken down to which one’s the first to ring a bell. Smell is number one and focused on, and the other senses are brought up as well. The sense of smell, however, seems to be the strongest trigger of a memory. Smell is hard to describe, unlike the other senses. You can compare and contrast, but it is hard to pinpoint an exact name of a smell. Smell is able to bring up the earliest memories you can possibly have. Everyone’s had a sense that triggers a memory, but it’s mostly the smells that are probably the most triggered from the other five senses. Taste maybe the second fastest to correlate a memory with.   Here’s a link. I’ve had.