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To Students Of Math 1275 And Chemistry 1101

Hi my name is David Levi. I’m in English 1101. I need to interview someone from the Math or Chemistry class for my class assignment. The interview consists of only a few general questions about your school experience and you’d be helping me greatly for my assignment. If you’re interested, please contact me through my e-mail, david,, thank you.

“NZ legislation gives river legal status as a “person” by Gavin MacFadyen.

The article, “NZ legislation gives river legal status as a “person” by Gavin MacFadyen, speaks about a new law being passed, and the implications it has on future legal cases regarding the environment. New Zealand passed a law that gives human status to the Whanganui river- New Zealand’s third largest river, at the behest of the local Maori tribe. The governments intention was to correct previous wrongs committed by them towards the indigenous peoples. India soon followed suit as well, granting the Ganges river and the Yamuna the status of a legal person.  Their ruling also provided a new front on which legal environmental problems may be waged. These rivers now have the legal position of standing, by virtue of their person status. They no longer have to jump through legal hoops to be able to bring a lawsuit. Now that these natural entities have standing,  it changes the way environmental battles will be fought  and both sides will view the natural world through a different lens. If governments or firms would be looking to take advantage of any natural entities, they may find it to be more challenging now than it was in the past. What do you guys think about rivers being labeled as humans?

NZ legislation gives river legal status as a “person”