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Hello everyone, it Palden and I’m from English 1101, today I’m here because I need to interview a student from math and chemistry. It won’t take too much time I only have 10 quick question. I know that you guys don’t have to much but it’s really important to part of my homework. If like to do interview please contact me in my email( )

Air Pollution

In summary, many years ago volcanic eruptions used to be the cause of air pollution but now human are the one who is causing the air pollution. In the article “Air pollution” by national geographic, air pollution is when gas, smoke or fumes is launched in atmosphere which creates  harmful gases for everyone and everything. The level of carbon dioxide (CO2) went higher than it used be in million year, and it is caused by burning fossil fuels such as natural gas and gasoline those are human activities and it make earth warm. Air pollution doesn’t only put chemicals in air it’s also one of sources that caused global warming because when we burn fossil fuels and the  smoke mix with air, it goes in atmosphere then it make hole in ozone layer. So, how can we reduce the air pollution is that first we have to reduce using of fossil fuels and second the writer says that government should take an action on it like limited discharge of greenhouse and CO2, also says that we should less driving and flying. This how we can reduce air pollution.