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  1. Great quote to look upon to. Throughout life there is always a setback that can sometimes disrupt your drive to move forward. But to be dedicated and optimistic of your goals would never deny you when you need it most. To reach success, you have to overcome failures, without it you never learn from it and gain skills that not only increases your chances, but also helps gain positivity as well. As someone pursuing Architecture, there are constant struggles and days where I want to drop out. But with the proper support system and perseverance, hard word, dreams, and dedication continue reminding to move forward.

  2. This is a powerful quote. Most people in society are getting in “autopilot” mode in which they maintain the same routine everyday and hardly adds change to it. This can really be tested when there is a goal that will be and feel rewarding or something of interest that peaks their mind. They may start at first but then get tempted to procrastinate after a little while. They May start again but over time you will notice the rate practicing towards that goal will decrease over time until eventually you completely stop. This commonly occurs because of the lack of dedication that was put into it and with out that mostly likely your not working hard for it

  3. Life doesn’t always move forward. it can take you side ways or even backwards. The way to balance it out and be successful is by accepting yourself and knowing your worth, and that no matter what the outcomes is don’t ever stop or give up chasing your dreams.

  4. i agree with this quote. Life gets challanging and as we go further on in life there’s always things slowing us down where sometimes we fall behind others but its all about picking yourself up from where you left of from and going 3 times harder. As long as we achieve our goals no matter how long it takes or how hard it is. Get up each morning and set a goal for yourself. Know what you want to do in your life and learn how to get there.

  5. This is a great quote, and I also believe in it. Something that comes into mind though is that goals and ambitions become our priorities sometimes and we leave behind all the dreams(and I must say that there is HUGE difference between dreams and priorities). It is so true that we need to bring along our dreams and live by accomplishing each one that we possibly can, and of course dedication and hard work will sure lead to great success.

  6. Yes i believe that hardwork ,dedication and your dreams will lead you to success .Those three goals are important in someone’s life because without these things it would lead you nowhere .

  7. If you have a strong desire and urge to make your dream a reality, you can’t be lazy. You have to work hard and take advantage of all the opportunities that that you have been blessed with. The more you are dedicated and tenacious towards achieving your dream, the more closer you are approaching towards it.

  8. I always believe that hard work , dedication and dream will always lead you to success. As long as you are strong you could do it no matter how hard and time it will take you to be successful and believe in yourself by not letting no one put you down

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