Hm wk

All the following homework should be submitted on blackboard using the Excel file. Be sure to add your name to the file name.

  • hmwk15 (section 13.3)
  • hmwk14 (sections 7.6, 13.2)
  • hmwk 13 (sections 8.2-3, 9.2-4) is as in the syllabus (no files)
  • hmwk 12 (sections 7.3-7.4.1) is as in the syllabus (no files)
  • hmwk 11 (sections 6.5-6) is as in the syllabus (no files)
  • hmwk 10 (sections 6.2-4) is as in the syllabus (no files)
  • hmwk9 and hw9_data (sections 2.5 ,3.7 and chap 12)
  • hmwk8 and hw8_data (section 5.5)
  • hmwk7 and hw7_data (sections 5.2-5.4)
  • Hmwks 4, 5 and 6 were on webwork.
  • hmwk3 and hw3_data
  • hmwk2 and hw2_data
  • hmwk1 and hw1_data

5 Responses to Hm wk

  1. Ezra Halleck says:

    Ideally, I would like each homework as a single word file. You can paste tables and charts from Excel or draw by hand and scan, then paste. However, I will accept multiple files as well.

  2. Ijeoma says:

    Hi professor, how can I submit the homework on blackboard? I could not see this course on the list of my courses on the blackboard.

  3. Ijeoma says:

    sorry, I couldn’t also find where it is written when each homework would be due so I could avoid late submissions.

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