Blackboard Posting Draft of project

I submitted my written draft of the project, but after something is submitted blackboard won’t let me submit my excel data on the “draft of project ” post.

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Exam two solutions

When will the exam 2 solutions be posted since we don’t meet until the actual exam. Unless its pushed back until Wednesday


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Need help

A poker hand consisting of 8 cards is dealt from a standard deck of 52 cards. Find the probability that the hand contains exactly 2 face cards.


how do you do this?

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Welcome 1372 students to our site!

In the site header, you are seeing a demonstration of the Law of Large Numbers, the fundamental theorem for statistics. Perform a random action which has an expectation or average of about 1, such as flipping two coins and counting the number of heads.  Repeat this action over and over again. Each time the action is performed, we recalculate the average. As the number of repetitions increases, the likelihood that we will be located close to the horizontal line y=1 increases. More precisely, if we quadruple the number of repetitions, we will half the average distance we are from that line.

Remember that participating on the openlab is part of your grade. Start by becoming a member of the site.

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