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A poker hand consisting of 8 cards is dealt from a standard deck of 52 cards. Find the probability that the hand contains exactly 2 face cards.


how do you do this?

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  1. Osy Osehie says:

    There are 12 face cards in a pack of 52, so 40 non face cards. 8 cards are dealt.
    probabily 2 FC(face cards) means = you need 8 from 52; (2 from 12FC and 6 from 40NFC) therefore

    P(2FC and 6NFC)= [12C2 * 40C6]/52C8
    I used a calculator and the answer came to 0.336638189 =0.337

    The C is for combination

  2. Ezra Halleck says:

    What do you need help with? Please explain what you have found out. Do you understand what a face card? Did you look up on the internet about how to calculate poker hand probabilities? Also, once you try to find answers, you can send me an email directly from webwork and I look at your submitted solution and give you hints on what you are doing wrong.

  3. Humberto says:

    i figured it out already. Thanks though.

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