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  • The revision I will do for unit 1 is revise my thesis since there is like no thesis in my essay I will add one so my reader can understand what I will be solving.
  • also a hook sentence to engage my reader
  • Add more concrete details like actual situations I can mention
  • Focus on the details of the past mentioning that more examples..
  • essay structure
  • Don’t be to repetitive
  • a conclusion

April 22 Homework

  • Revising my thesis where my topic is a problem that way there’s a solution.
  • Taking the comments from Professor Hall and utilizing them to write better content
  • Using my own “voice” I am trying to answer the question of what am I trying to say?
  • Keeping in mind what the point of the piece is and my goals intact.

April 22 Homework

  • I will revise my entire final paper by reorganizing my sentences and changing them to be clear and concise in order to make them more understandable and avoid confusion.

    I will change my introduction to grab the audience’s attention and make it more logical by putting one or two sentences that go with starting the paper as the first sentences in the introduction.

  • Remove any details that do not explain my discourse community word, faith such as anything personal that should not be shared or anything that has nothing to do with the word.
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