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class work

The truth is I spend most of this year by going out with my friends. I went fishing many times. Helped my parents buying a house. Attended college.

After quarantine first thing I am doing is I will go to GYM. I will be able to go out more with my friends. I will be able to get a part time job.

I think it’s okay to laugh when you are in crisis. Because laughing comes you down and gives you the strength to face the crisis and solve the problem.

Liberal Arts Festival Paragraph

To start, I love the way she entered the scenery. She had her home clothes on, with her hair just being crazy like but it looks good. Then she got her friend in the background and it’s all going as if it was natural as if we were her friends. As she talks on, I become so intrigued to listen to what she has to say. It’s just a vibe to even talk to her I wonder. As she speaks about her poem she brings in this extreme personality. Staceyann Chin surprised me when she cussed with aggression as if she was fighting somebody but in a poem battle. What caught me off guard was when Chin started moving the camera like it was a movie lol. She showed us so much action through her words and her tone. However, I didn’t like how she kept being interrupted and the zoom kept freezing sometimes. It really killed the mood. Although it would’ve been better to be in-person to really feel the vibration from the sound of her voice, it still was an amazing festival.

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