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Hasani Wright 

Prof. Carrie Hall


2 March, 2021


“Because I said so” by Hasani Wright 


In my personal opinion understanding and communicating with any child is imperative, regardless of age. The more you do so the easier it is for the child to understand the adults way of thinking (and reading) and the less likely it is for them to retaliate and rebel. In doing so you are also creating a safe space for your child, while also allowing them to grow and understand the gravity of situations whether big or small. 


Growing up I wasn’t given this leisure, and at the time was treated ironically as a “child”. Adults never really made it a point to explain their reasonings.

Even at my age now I can still recall specific conversations and interactions from my childhood;  and because I am now 18 I look back at these discussions with a new and developed way of thinking. As a child I can remember my parents asking me to do numerous things and while most of these tasks were simple in how taxing they were, a lot of the time I felt as though they were unnecessarily asked of me. Due to the fact that I was outspoken and felt comfortable enough with my parents to voice my thoughts the majority of the time, I remember always asking “why” or “why me”. Of course i would always be hit with the same answer, which was  “Because i said so”. I can recall a conversation I had with my mom one time when I was about the age of 8 or 9, during the summer in virginia. Though I couldn’t tell you what time of the day it was, I know it was late due to the fact that the street lights were on. Completely distracted and engulfed in the fun I was having with my friends at the time, I was completely caught off guard when my mom came down the driveway and told me it was time to come inside. I was distraught of course, not only because I was the first kid on the block who had to go home, but also because at times I didn’t understand the importance of not staying out after dark. I then remember going into the house and trying to convince my mom to let me stay out because the other kids were, and asking why i had to come in if no one else did. She of course hit me with her infamous saying, “Because i said so”. Now because i’m older and have a better understanding of the world, I know it was her way of keeping me safe and out of danger. However at the time i wasn’t exactly sure why my mom was being so unfair, more so because the phrase “I said so” doesn’t really tell an 8 year old that you’re doing so for their safety. According to psychologists  “Even when it may be uttered out of frustration or exasperation, the “Because I Say So!” response pushes an authoritarian parenting style – not only does this fray our relationship with our kids, but could result in our kids ending up being fearful and anxious, less self-confident, and poor communicators”[1].


This only continued of course, not just at home but at school too. Opposed to my parents who would usually use these phrases because they were tired and didn’t feel the need to explain themselves, now looking back at it my school usually used it as a tactic for authority. “Because I said so” was used due to the fact that it was their law, and because they were my teachers l had to do what they say. There was never really explanation, and at the time no apparent rhyme or reason. Needless to say, that particular phrase did more harm than good in my development. From my personal experience at this age, i believe that giving a child a reason opposed to just saying “Because i said so” will help their communication skills, responsiveness, and overall character. This is important to me because i feel as though if the adults around me explained themselves then it would’ve helped me to understand the gravity of situations and not look at their authority as law. If they had made time to talk to me and explain to me the small things it would’ve made communication easier and increased my self confidence at that age. As an adult you may not feel as though you should explain yourself however in doing so “the fact that you are making an effort to explain is a sign of high responsiveness and nurturing and conveys unconditional love to your kids. It implicitly shows them that you aren’t too busy to have a conversation with them and that they are worthy” [2]. I believe that it also could have taught me the meaning of respect, if it was made a point to talk to me and to exchange respect then it most likely would’ve gotten a more positive response out of me than what actually occurred.


In conclusion the phrase “Because i said so” has had a very powerful impact on my childhood and is a phrase that i can remember being said majority of it. It affected my communication skills when it came to my parents and overall adult authority as I felt as though their law was repeatedly enforced with no real reason but more so because they had the power necessary. However better tactics for communicating with children would be to practice patience, respect, and to take your time educating them in order to ensure the proper growth.


(I specifically chose to write my paper in a more informal way due to the fact that i believe this is the type of text a parent would actually listen to and take advice from).

Work cited:

[1] (Jennifer Poindexter, Aspiring writer, “What’s Wrong With “Because, I Say So” and How to Replace”, 2016)



[2] (Katie E. Lawrence, Author, “Please stop saying because i said so”, June 29, 2020)


Unit 1

Discourse communities are groups of people that gather together to accomplish the same goal or have some common purpose. These communities sometimes have some sort of secret language, a mystery to any outsider. This can range from an inside joke to a random saying someone uses with a random meaning. These cohorts can help accomplish goals or just mess around. A discourse community I joined in around high school had a word we would all use “cap”. Now cap stood for bullshit or lying, both fit the definition since it means the same thing. With phrases like “capping”, “no cap”, and “stop the cap” being used heavily especially in an environment where if you got caught shouting bullshit at someone you will get in trouble or just told to not say that, depending on the teacher or who hears. I noticed the term being used more Junior year to everyone using it some type of way Senior year. Now my discourse community started in freshman year with no one knowing we would fall into the same technology program the school had offered. The first members of the discourse communities formed because of a math class we had and seeing each other at least in another class. This math teacher made watching paint dry seem like a day at six flags. The best part about the class was it brought us together and that it ended. I personally believe the ending was the best part. The rest of the group came together in sophomore year when we all were given the same class at different times. This allowed for everyone to start meeting other people and expanding the community. Our school building had six schools inside, but they didn’t really allow any of us to mingle. We’ll I was in a zoned school so it made sense since some of the students would just wander the halls and yell absurdities in the classroom. Sometimes it was funny, but other times the teacher would make a big deal and halt the lesson to deal with them. But I digress, the word cap was introduced first in a lunchroom when one of the members blurted out the phrase when someone starting talking about what they claimed to be facts. The song “no cap” by future and young thug came out that year so we all knew what it meant, but this is the first time most of us heard it used in a conversation and as it got used more and more we found our vocabularies adapting the word into our speech patterns. Now this word unlike others we use didn’t signify an inside joke or meaning only we knew since it came from a song. Well most of our words didn’t have a deeper meaning behind them except a few, but we stopped using them as the events behind them became a distant memory and most of us forgotten. Junior year is also when we started hanging out more frequently bringing the community closer and adding more slang to the group vocabulary. This was good for me since I knew no slang words at the time and I only use a few now, but this helped me understand the bizarre phrases I heard around the school. Senior year was a cakewalk for us. Some of our members handed in most of the work last minute but still managed to scrape by. I was surprisingly not one of them. Senior year was when another term got added that is still used, but I will not talk about it any more than this mention since it involves me and I think it’s messed up even though I use it the most out of anyone in the group. Anyway, this year made us rapidly choose colleges when most of us weren’t thinking that far ahead, and only one of us who had AP English already had a college essay ready. I know a lot of people who were told one thing about their colleges like tuition and stuff and when they actually got in they were given a different story. The main point about the high school is that it was trash and those who were more independent were able to actually pull through. I’m not sure how many people reading this know what east side house is but it’s basically where all the kids in my school who were falling behind were given the stuff to do the work regular kids were doing. I was put into it once because my parents gave the school no notification they were planning something during my class time and pulled me out for like a week and then when east side house got to me they gave me food for showing up to school. Again I digress because I did not have a fun time in that school. Now when college came I had to go about finding a new discourse community since everyone went to different colleges. I winded up finding this other discourse community in a class that seemed easy, but the teacher would yell and try to stress the importance of fast math on stuff she just taught. This community was formed because three of us knew and understood the material that was getting thrown at us better than the rest and we even shared the tools needed for labs. Now, this discourse community kinda died down since covid and a lot of people changing their majors. Now the original community I was in has formed again over online and the college one stood empty due to no one playing together or talking. Well, I can’t really say stood empty a text flies out every now and again.

“good revision plan”

I’m planing to revise unit one for my final portfolio. by watching the recording comment that the professor did for my essay. And reading my essay at aloud

  • In my essay I have to write more sentence that incorporates Spanish words. This will make my essay way better.
  •  I have to fix capitalization worlds that I used for my essay when is that need it in the middle of a sentence. And when is need it at the beginning of the sentence.
  • Some parts of my essay was a little confusing of the way that I express my ideas.
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