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            During the last few years I have written many essays. Most of the essays I have written are argumentative because I spent four years of my life writing these kinds of essays in high school. But in my second semester of college I was focusing on finding myself as a reader and writer. It was really hard for me to realize that I’m a writer and what I write has value. words are the only thing that stays with us after we die. That is why it is always good to take into account and the value of the word.

           One of the things I learned while reading other works by other writers was that when writing an incantation we could mix two languages in one sentence. One example of this is in my unit one essay when I stated that “Every time she goes to sleep she always says“ Manita please drag me ”. She doesn’t fall asleep if I don’t scratch her back. She is such an attachment , that she has on me that the truth is I don’t know if I am doing her harm. I don’t know if I did something wrong in Yearning her so much. ” One of the criticisms I received was that sentences like these conveyed the feeling of poetry to the reader. But I needed to have more sentences like these in my spell to have a better rehearsal. This helped me understand that there is nothing better than being yourself when writing an essay. Because when I speak I mix English and Spanish but I do it only with family and friends. Not when I’m writing an essay. But this helps me understand that this is one of strategies that the author uses in their writing.

Unfortunately, Unit two was my least favorite unit but I learned a lot from that unit. I was able to know more about the fast fashion industry and one of the errors that I made during this unit was sentence structure. I had a lot of misspelled words that the reader was not able to understand. Something that helped me improve this essay was reading the essay aloud. so I can differentiate if what I wrote makes sense. Another error that I made from this unit was that I forgot to cite the website that I got the information from. One of the reasons that I think that this is my least favorite unit is because I had to do a lot of work making research. It was really hard for me to maintain focus. But one thing that helped me get informed and interested  was youtube videos. This is because I’m a visual learner and I like to see images when I’m learning something.     My favorite unit was unit three because it was able to make a professional video of something that I was doing for weeks. I had always wanted to make a video recording myself talking about myself and something I do and with the unit three project I took the opportunity and I did. It felt great to have done something that I had wanted to do for years.

     I liked reviewing my work that I did early in the semester because I was able to fix what I had done wrong and learn how to do my work much better. This is important because he was able to recognize the mistakes he had made throughout the semester and fix them. I like to learn from my mistakes and revising my work helps me learn way more.

      It was not so difficult for me to adapt to online because it is my second semester already taking online classes and I have no other option than to adapt. Because I have no idea what it’s like to go to college. I am a person who likes to take difficult classes first and early in the morning but this semester I made my schedule late and the earliest they had was at 10 and I had no other option than to take it. For me it is extremely important to take classes early in the morning because my brain can concentrate much better. But having the classes online is much more difficult to concentrate while keeping my gaze always on the screen. That made it very difficult for me to stay focused. but after all I feel relieved to have completed this semester and having my first year of college taking online classes. It is a moment of my life that I will always carry with me. just as much as my writing has evolved. and everything I have learned during the semester. writing means a new beginning for me because we always have a way to start. Equally stable because words are never deleted once published. Every word in every essay has its value and purpose and that is what makes a writer.

“good revision plan”

I’m planing to revise unit one for my final portfolio. by watching the recording comment that the professor did for my essay. And reading my essay at aloud

  • In my essay I have to write more sentence that incorporates Spanish words. This will make my essay way better.
  •  I have to fix capitalization worlds that I used for my essay when is that need it in the middle of a sentence. And when is need it at the beginning of the sentence.
  • Some parts of my essay was a little confusing of the way that I express my ideas.
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