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In the articles ‘’You Already an Author’’Mike Burns explains how we become an author by using your idea or knowledge to create our own story. Also, he mentioned that our story expresses our emotion, point of view about a situation or story. As an example, if a group of students has to discuss one subject each of them will provide a different idea, which means each of them is an author of their writing. Furthermore, he describes the language he uses for different categories. For example, He knows the way he speaks to his boss is not the same as he speaks to his friend. 

At this point, I think I am an author because when it comes to writing an essay or research paper I  always have to express myself by using my own story and sometimes create one.This is the best way to attract the reader’s attention and make the writing interesting so the reader could learn something about it. Also, I always have a great vocabulary to impress the reader and make the writing clear and understandable. All those things contribute to making myself an author. However, when it comes to texting it is different because I don’t create a story. It’s mostly a conversation between one or a group of people. In this part, I used different vocabulary and slang to impress the reader’s attention. for sure you are the author of what you texting to your partner because we both express different ideas and points of view about things. However, despite using different kinds of language we still learn something interesting from each other.


In conclusion, being an author requires a lot of creativity like making a story or developing a notion. Also, an author should be able to get his reader’s attention by making his writing interesting and using the right vocabulary. It’s also important to make your writing clear and understandable if not you miss a huge part in your dissertation.

Final portfolio

Carlos Silverio





Finishing high school wasn’t easy. Lot of work, preparation for graduation, applying to college, and believe it or not, coronavirus. This means a lot to me because through all this circumstance I can proudly say I did it, I did it and now am a freshman in college. College is a new beginning in life that required a lot of focus, preparation, and discipline. However, throughout the time I have been through things that have to change my narrative and perspective of how I view education. For example COVID-19, this pandemic has been spreading around the world causing many people to die. Many’s boroughs in New York City are affected by the coronavirus.


The coronavirus is one of the main issues I don’t see education the way I used to see it. I love going to school and learn and not be able to do this just demeanor the anxiety of college opening again. This is not something we ask for but as a student having to have remote learning instead of going to the college is something that has affected each one of the students drastically. This has affected me because am a super independent person but having to do everything by my self is just not the best thing ever especially when you don’t understand something.

However, this pandemic has to help me be the student that am now. I feel like being more independent has more time to find a different way to do things and the best of all be able to be creative and try doing things own way. All this time of pandemic has to help me realize who I really am and what I can give in school there a lot of things that I was afraid doing scare of been wrong but been able to see how thing can be shut down from one day to the another just made me realize that if I have an idea or something that I think is important to speak up because I don’t know what can happen tomorrow.

This semester made me learned a lot of things, however, since I started my last English class I learned so much that my knowledge has expanded hugely. This is good because this will be helping me with my upcoming classes and make my assignments easier. I have told myself that if you don’t give up on things is for a reason. I used to have the mindset of not going to college because of the pandemic but this pandemic makes me a lot stronger to finish up with my studies and help me have a better future. Thinking back to the papers I have done before has not been like the papers I do now. I can say am more proficient when It comes to doing a paper. In this class, I learned a lot of tricks that make my paper be a college paper.

This class was really good in which we have done a lot of assignments but there is always one assignment that gets your attention a lot and the was unit 1 assignments. I found this assignment so interesting that I went into the last detail to get through it. We did a lot of in-class activities that made us the students interact with each other. I loved this because we were able to give each other opinions and tell each other what we like about the assignments and what we do not like. Been able to revised assignments is something I like because this allows us to check the mistake we did and be able to correct them is an advantage because you can correct your errors. I remember one of my class make that give me feedback on one of the assignment this motivate me so much because it so much power to keep doing work the best I could. It was a way kind of hard but we made it through as a class and we can say that we love taking this English class because we learned a lot of information that we did not know.

In conclusion, I can say that pandemic has changed the way I view school but that doesn’t mean the word is gonna stop this pandemic made me stronger and with more energy to give my best and put of there everything I have learned throughout this pandemic. Many people have always asked has this pandemic made you and stronger students, yes it has made me a stronger student because throughout this times I have made a lot of mistakes doing work however mistake is what makes you a bigger person with the desire to do better after.


When am with my family or friends a word that you hear a lot in our conversation is BOBO. This word has become so important to me because throughout time it has been a way of saying multiple things in one single word. Over time I have not changed my perspective about this word each day I like it even more. For example ay un bobote this means there is a big problem. This word so important to me and my community because we used this world to express how we feel about something that is big but with the word we can express it more calmly. From the most lower-class community to the highest-class community the word BOBO has become a lot more familiar. Is very common for us to say ay puse un huevo que BOBO.(I put an egg)  BOBO is a way to explain that I did a mistake without having to say what it is, I can just be like ay un BOBO. For example with all this quarantine thing we can be at a party and if the police arrive that’s a BOBO. This is a perfect example because it tells how we in trouble and we gonna sleep at the prison but you can just be like ay que BOBO. Sometimes it just feels cools to say the word BOBO especially when you don’t know what it means but when you have an explanation by someone who knows the word BOBO there is when the community starts growing.

BOBO is when you make a mistake or something bad is about to happened. This has been an iconic word for the Dominican Republic because even if they see the police they would say ay un BOBO.

Sometimes people who are not part of this discourse community try to do the same but it just doesn’t work because we are so used to saying it that it comes out naturally. However, when the word is in people mouth that don’t even know how to speak Spanish is good cuz they try saying it and is a new word for there vocabulary. This world is not in the dictionary which means that not a lot of people can say this world. However, when you hear this word on a group of people you can tell they Dominican without even having to say where they from. Even though some people be ignorant of this word. Just because they believe that if the word BOBO is not on the dictionary they are just talking nonsense.

A few months back I was in the Dominican Republic with friends families and more people out in the streets. Everyone was happy like any other day in the Dominican community. Until a Dominican artist pops out with a son called Los BOBO son Mio. This was a very interesting song that got everyone’s attention no matter if you were young are old. I got so into this word that I came back to the united state and everything I would say is BOBO. This got to a point that I was saying it so much at my working place and home that people that didn’t know about it started saying BOBO. When I got back I remember saying to my grandma mama ay un BOBO and she already knew something was wrong because this word means a problem. I got used to saying this so so so much that my family instead of calling my name now they call me BOBO better. Some people don’t like when I say this word however some people take it as something dramatic or a way to overreact to something. In my opinion, at this point, every single Latino person should know this word because is very common to know and since the word originally came from a song is a lot easier for a person to learn it. People in general who do not knows the word shouldn’t say is a bad word if you don’t know it as a human been you should always be open to learned new things that would help you to always have your vocabulary full.


If I could publish my article it would be at the New York Times since is one of the biggest company but since I don’t like reading and  a lot of people besides me also hates reading. Therefore I would also do a mini-documentary with graphics or people talking that would give you a better understanding. Is very important to get people’s attention so if I can find a better way that I can convey to my audience what they wanna know is very important to me as a writer. The word BOBO each day has become more popular my question is why should we stop using it if the word is clean. And it doesn’t mean anything wrong. This word will forever be a word that was added to our Vocabulary and would never leave our minds.  We don’t use this word to curse someone out or say something bad like some people might understand.


The global warming problem is a thing that we need to take it to an end as soon as possible. People in general had always try to find a way in which we can make global warming better. It has been getting better but not until the point we can say we have a safe pollution. Is not a law that we need to save the environment right now however we need to take care of our world because if we don’t take care of it as human that we are leaving in this planet no one else will. Like I say many people such as scientists and more had been trying to find ways of helping with the environment. There is a lot of technology out in the world that we might not know about that are some how helping to save the planet. For example  many’s company like Nissan such as Tesla are building this new vehicles that are hybrid which means that they don’t used any kind of fuel but electricity. This is a major impact because we can see how company like this are thinking about how they can save the planet. This could be a major impact however this can bring positive and negative impacts that would help us as a society.

Electrical vehicles could be better than what you might think, over time vehicle car has been getting better and better. Climate change is something we have been working on.. Over the past few year company’s has been trying to have those old generations and the new generation to try these vehicles because soon or later if we wanna have a free and clean air we gonna have to be using electric vehicles only.

Every single person in this world has a question that they have always been curious to know the answer to it. For example, my person question is electrical car really helping the environment? Throughout the time I been doing my research about it, and I’m still not convince of the answer I have got so far. According to studies it says that electrical cars are each day closer of been used by every single person who drives a vehicle Am not convince about this because there are a lot of places around the word that people may not even know how an electrical vehicle would look like. Vehicles manufactory should take that as consideration when they think about building all the cars electrical. I have always wondered how those places around they are would in which don’t have electricity 24/7 how are they supposed to charge the vehicle when they run out of batteries. As personal experience am from a native Caribbean country in which the light be going off for an entire day and there is no way of having electricity while there is no light around the place. My Opinion electrical cars are not helping with the environment because they material they used to build the batteries and how big the batterie need to be to run a car. The material is plastic that is none recycle.

This will make it easier for the audience to understand. Producing more cars that get their power from an electric grid than a gas pump is one way to reduce global dependence on oil. Replacing a large percentage of the estimated 235 million vehicles, light trucks, and used cars in the United States with electric cars and plug-in hybrids (with additional fuel) will significantly reduce fuel consumption, currently 380 million liters per day. However, such travel will impact one of the world’s most essential beverages: water. Water is widely used in power generation, both in the mining and processing of coal and other fuels and in the cooling of power stations. Although gasoline production uses water, Michael E. Webber and Carey W. King of the University of Texas have found that, installing sticky vehicles will lead to a significant increase in water use due to the extra energy that was to be produced in their study published in Environmental Science and Technology.

According to investigators, three times as much water (i.e., lost evaporation) is pumped. More than seventeen times the distance driven by an electric vehicle is removed from the electric drive (used and returned to its source). According to researchers, the impact on water use does not contradict the benefits of switching to electric vehicles. However, they said the effect would be severe enough, especially in areas such as the Southwest, to allow for consideration in policy discussions regarding the widespread adoption of electric vehicles.

Electrical vehicles could be better then what you might think, over the time vehicle car has been getting better and better. Climate change is something we been working on. However this creation of this car is a plus for climate change because they are totally electrical which mean that they don’t used fuel which is that affect our air. Over the past few year company’s has been trying to have those old generation and new generation to try this vehicles because soon or later if we wanna have a free and clean air we gonna have to be using electricity vehicles only.

Unit 3:

I thought I would be very interesting to build my own graphics. Been able to think back to thing and then see how I got over it is something that helps me a lot when. I don’t know what to do with situation.sometimes I be feeling like I don’t have things to think in my head but once I t sit and think back to mistakes I have done and how I have gone over it makes me feel better. This graphic below is a little preview of some of the situation I went through when the pandemic started and with help of parents and others we find our way through to be happy.


  • The revision I will do for unit 1 is revise my thesis since there is like no thesis in my essay I will add one so my reader can understand what I will be solving.
  • also a hook sentence to engage my reader
  • Add more concrete details like actual situations I can mention
  • Focus on the details of the past mentioning that more examples..
  • essay structure
  • Don’t be to repetitive
  • a conclusion
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