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Homework for March (already?) 2nd– by 8 AM!

For the record, after this week, I’m going to stop writing by 8 AM, but it’s always due by 8AM.

  1. READ for Tuesday is to pick ONE of the articles below (they’re all on Perusall) and read and annotate it.  I have included (both here and on Perusall) some key quotes that may help you decide which article you want to read. Instructions are on Perusall, but please note that I’d really like us to start talking with each other in the Perusall comments this time around!  Read each other’s annotations and comment on them.  You can do this by commenting below, but you can also use the “@” icon and their name to ping them directly.
  2. WRITE: Write a blog post (at least 300 words) in which you respond to your article.   What did you learn from reading this article? How did this author use research? How do they use personal experience?

You may also want to write about what made you choose this article in the first place.  Did it live up to your expectations?

Category: Unit 2!!

Here is an overview of the articles (again, they are all on Perusall). The boxes contain short quotes from the articles to help you choose which one you’re most interested in:

Option 1: Vox “The Year We Gave up on Privacy” (How the Covid-19 Virus Affected Our Privacy)

As a digital privacy reporter, I try to avoid sites and services that invade my privacy, collect my data, and track my actions. Then the pandemic came, and I threw most of that out the window. You probably did, too.

Option 2: The Atlantic: “I’m Not Black I’m Kanye”

And he was destroyed. It happened right before us. God was destroyed, and we could not stop him, though we did love him, we could not stop him, because who can really stop a black god dying to be white?

Option 3: Science News: “How Coronavirus Stress May Scramble Our Brains”

Scientists recognize the pandemic as an opportunity for a massive, real-time experiment on stress. COVID-19 foisted on us a heavy mix of health, economic and social stressors. And the end date is nowhere in sight.

Option 4: The Cut: “Is Marriage Obsolete?”

Forty-five percent of all Americans 18 and older are now single, and more than half of Americans surveyed said that getting married wasn’t an important part of becoming an adult.

Option 5: Sports Illustrated: “Why I’m Behind the Athletes’ Bill of Rights”

College sports is a $14 billion industry that is significantly generated by the unpaid work of young people. While I came from a family able to support me during my college years, many athletes do not, and they struggle to meet the costs of going to school that are beyond what a scholarship covers.

Unit One is Due on Thursday by 8 AM

For all criteria, please see the Unit One assignment sheet under “Major Assignments” 

Use Category: Unit1 Final Paper.  Please also label your paper clearly so that I know this is your final essay.  That said, I would like you to give this essay a title that is a real (meaning: interesting) title, not “essay #1.”  What is something you would want to read?

Please note this paper is worth 20% of your final grade for this course. 

If you are having an issue with the paper, please discuss it with me with plenty of time BEFORE that essay is due. Remember, discussing with me is actually hearing back from me, not emailing me at 3 AM the night before the paper is due.

You can upload it as text to the OpenLab (as a blog post) or as a doc or pdf by using the “add media” function, which I discussed in Tuesdays class. (note: the upload function has been fixed. If you’re confused about how to upload, I’ve made a little video HERE)

Again, if you have questions, please contact me at chall@citytech.cuny.edu

Click on the box below if you want to see the slideshow we watched in class on Tuesday about P-I-E paragraphs:


Homework for Tuesday, February 16– by 8 am!

Hi everyone, your homework for Tuesday is to read and annotate “Understanding Discourse Communities” on Perusall.  I have asked a number of questions this time which I would like you to answer.  This is your entire homework assignment (no OpenLab post!)

Remember, all readings for this course will be found on Perusall.com.  You will need to log in to find them! Almost everyone is doing this, but a few people haven’t done any assignments on Perusall– and you need to make sure you know what’s going on over there because that’s at least half of the homework for this class! If you’re confused, please contact me at chall@citytech.cuny.edu and we’ll sort it out.

If you would like, sign up for our Slack channel here: https://join.slack.com/t/citytech-xmy9732/shared_invite/zt-m14dumt3-vMD2SehdY2Ny_ekZQ48PrgThis isn’t required, but is a way for us to have chats (or for you to have chats with each other without me– you can do it without me seeing.) I can also send you reminders about upcoming deadlines and so forth.  It’s an app for your computer or phone.  I’m learning it too– but I’m told it’s a good way to keep in touch.  You can use whichever email you like (it doesn’t have to be Citytech)

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