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The-Impactable-Meaning-Behind-RVP Revision Unit

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The work I have done early on in the semester to now has been a change I have learned so much during this semester that I can’t put it all in a paper from the first assignment homework we had to do which was My name I remember I had to put down what my name mean to me. In that homework assignment I wrote what my background was, where I was born and raised and my dislikes and likes. For example in that homework assignment I said  “I think what makes people treat me a certain way is my background being Hispanic but I am proud of my race. My name is very well known in the Latino community many family’s name there kids Carmen but since is such a Hispanic name they just assume I am different from everyone else and need more  guidance or just treat one differently.” That is something I have always felt like an outsider sometimes too but I learn that I am not the only one that thinks this way many other people feel and think just like I do.

My favorite assignment I can say throughout the semester had to be the one from unit 1 a word for my discourse community. I will have to say that one because I truly like the way I could freely expressed myself with where I found my place was. I found the place I belonged a place only some people can understand if they really want to it was hard sometimes for people to think like I think but somehow in that paper I made people comprehend where I was coming from, where I was growing. I still have a lot to grow I believe both personal. I know I didn’t like so much writing assignments but that came with the course I can’t blame it I did learn a lot what I think I didn’t like was the last assignment for unit 3. My reason is I don’t think I was creative enough for that one  I don’t think I did good I always second doubt myself when it comes to anything because I don’t think is a piece worth the time of reading that will be enough for anyone to actually really be intrigued by it.

Some notable lessons that have stuck with you after completing certain assignments will be the one with Mike Bunn the assignment we had to do is analysis his article and I think the sentence that really stuck with me was the one were he said “You are already a writer” I always assumed you had to be this fantastic writer where everyone just compliments on your writing all the time to be consider a writer or where you used the most complex words in your writing and its being published. Now I know none of those factors are important all it matters is you trying no matter what you are a writer from a simple sentence you write too the essay. Everyone is different when it come to writing down anything in the article “Oscar” we saw how the author wrote Spanglish words I saw their I didn’t understand what they meant I didn’t understand the text itself but somehow my teacher used it meaning something good came out of that writing.

I also learned how to properly introduced a quote without just placing in what I am writing and making my reader confused. I remember doing that assignment and wondering why I had to read this article I think I know how to properly introduce a quote. However I was mistaken there where many factors then just having a quote I had to introduce it then place the quote to do it correctly like I am doing it right now. This is a quote in my unit 2 where I explain first what I was talking or writing about then gave a evidence which is my quote and finally explain the meaning behind that quote. “Now we are seeing families being reunited, crying and hugging their loved ones as there is no tomorrow. What changed from before and now is how the government is reacting to these changes. Based on the NBC News: How Biden administration will allow separated migrant families to reunite, it says “ what we know is that 499 those are parents of children. 499 children have not even been reached by the lawyers who so far have taken the task of ratification. When we say reach that means they haven’t been able to contact those parents to see if they have been reunified.” Julia Ainsley is telling us that now that Biden is in office things are changing but slowly. More than 499 families were separated and just now they are all trying to reunite however this is just a slow process to start off.” This was a piece of my writing where I think I master the three steps I needed to master to properly introduced my quote I can be wrong about this and it might be wrong but I think it’s right.

Another thing I learned is how to start an introduction when I did my Unit 1 I didn’t have a introduction and then we learn how to write an introduction I still think I have trouble in that part and my conclusion but for my revision I wrote an introduction that was lacking in the first draft. For example, I wrote “”The discourse community I can say I am part of is in my workplace where I have recently started working and the different language we are used to using than what others are known for. A word that is part of my discourse community is RVP. ” This is the thesis statement I used because that was something I forgot that was missing and needed to be put in as it goes with the introduction. 

I adapted to the sudden switch to online writing mid-semester by learning that I can be both a good reader, writer and scholar even in online mid semester I had to adapt very quickly if I wanted to pass this semester but at the same time it was a good experience. I had fun even though we where behind screens. I

The thing that was particularly challenging for me in this course this semester was really pay attention to class stay focused. I overcome it or attempt to is by I know that what I learn in this class will be useful later on when I actually go to college in campus or other writing situations like law classes. It was a fun and good experience throughout this whole semester thank you.





Mike Bunn new analysis

Since the beginning of the semester self I have come a long way as a reader and writer I have learned new techniques that I can be using for my own readers. As a reader I have found  better ways to read a article ways that I started to incorporate in my own writing. The surprises I have encountered along the way was just my style of writing how long it should be or how long it shouldn’t be as well as if I am giving the right set of information for my readers. If my readers are just engage as I am when I read from somewhere else. The things I have learned up until now will help me in my future classes or in my professional, lives by just in generally writing for my law classes, writing papers, writing memos etc… Helping my sister as well with her college essay soon enough.

Comic final

My topic for my comic was how I had to find myself during quarantine how there where some good days and bad days. At first it was hard to see the bright side all I saw was the negativity then it became a bit easier. The relevant in all of this was that at the end of the year this will stay with many of us as a memory we will never be able to forget. The only thing left for many of us to do is move on.

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