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In the articles ‘’You Already an Author’’Mike Burns explains how we become an author by using your idea or knowledge to create our own story. Also, he mentioned that our story expresses our emotion, point of view about a situation or story. As an example, if a group of students has to discuss one subject each of them will provide a different idea, which means each of them is an author of their writing. Furthermore, he describes the language he uses for different categories. For example, He knows the way he speaks to his boss is not the same as he speaks to his friend. 

At this point, I think I am an author because when it comes to writing an essay or research paper I  always have to express myself by using my own story and sometimes create one.This is the best way to attract the reader’s attention and make the writing interesting so the reader could learn something about it. Also, I always have a great vocabulary to impress the reader and make the writing clear and understandable. All those things contribute to making myself an author. However, when it comes to texting it is different because I don’t create a story. It’s mostly a conversation between one or a group of people. In this part, I used different vocabulary and slang to impress the reader’s attention. for sure you are the author of what you texting to your partner because we both express different ideas and points of view about things. However, despite using different kinds of language we still learn something interesting from each other.


In conclusion, being an author requires a lot of creativity like making a story or developing a notion. Also, an author should be able to get his reader’s attention by making his writing interesting and using the right vocabulary. It’s also important to make your writing clear and understandable if not you miss a huge part in your dissertation.

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    Kervens, I see you didn’t do the annotation part of the assignment on Perusall for this (or any) of the Perusall assignments. I wonder if you are confused about how to do this. If you are, please get ahold of me, as this is where all of our readings will be found!

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