Mike Bunn’s “How to Read Like a Writer” illustrates how important it is to analyze and question why an author writes the way they do, for one’s own writing endeavors. Bunn writes “You are already an author,” this quote tells the reader that they’ve always been an author and not just with their writing pieces. An author uses their experiences to write, it’s all about the choices we make.  The way you live, the way you communicate with others, and your decisions/choices make you an author. Personally, I’ve always seen writing as a way to understand and learn more about yourself, I write to reflect. I write every day as of lately it’s been for school but here and there I write for myself. It has certainly helped for college pieces because I can take a deeper dive into what the author wants me to gain for the piece. It also helps me analyze what exactly the text is saying, the information that I should take away from it, but now since now, I’m aware that reading isn’t only for information I can now ask more questions about the author’s choices. As well as ask myself why I feel a certain way about the text, it’s quite interesting to further analyze our own choices due to the author’s piece. Throughout Bunn’s article, I noticed that the author’s purpose and audience are a large factor when it comes to reading like a writer. I appreciated Bunn’s introduction, it’s personal it eases a reader into the reading like a writer technique, I’d liked to use this approach in my own writing. A story can relate and engage a specific type of audience in this case it’s students, we all read but do we really take the time and read like an author.