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Homework #2

Mike Bunn stated, “You are already an author.” I think this means that the first time you wrote a story as a kid or picked up a book and read it you became an author.  Everyday our life consist of reading and writing.  Whether you texting, sending out emails, scrolling on social media, doing assignments and more.  Whatever an author does we do to just without that great title. I write everyday and that is texting and doing assignments. One thing I would to improve during college while I continue to read and write everyday is my vocabulary. I’ll like to use big words in my essays or paragraph or just in general.

In Bunn’s article I learned that  as I read I should ask questions as I am reading and try to figure out what technique were being used. this may help me understand the story more.

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  1. Carrie Hall

    Maurine, these are great observations. As far as vocabulary, I think the best thing you can do is to use vocab that is natural to you. That is, use words you are comfortable with. If you want to use bigger words, get comfortable with them– by reading books, and by trying them out in test sentences!

    Again, try to write a bit more next time. Your observations are worth reading more of.

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