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“Read like a writer”

I believe what Mike Bunn said, “You already an author” means that we all authors and have written things in our everyday lives.  For example, papers, essays, articles, text messages, tweets,  posts, and other forms of writing you can think of. Also, we as authors control how our story should go.  For example, choices play a part in our writing. Let’s say this, your life right now is a story and you have control over it. There is a life decision you have to make, a good decision and a bad decision. If you choose either of them, it affects you later in life.  Everything we choose to do and say is part of our storyline in life, which is the past. when it comes to writing, the choices we make towards how it should go impacts our whole pieces. I’ve already an author because I’ve written stories about my life and my thoughts in journals and written research papers and essays. I even wrote fictional stories back in elementary school.  This existing expertise will help me in my college reading and writing by improving my writing techniques and help me learn new things that I can use in my writing, such as vocabulary.

I discovered a method I can use for my writings when I read Bunn’s article. This sentence, “You are reading to learn about writing”, means reading to recognize a writing technique that an author provided in their piece of writing to understand how they put it together. When I read a writing piece, I think about the choices an author makes for their writing piece, why they chose it, and how it affects the audience. The techniques used in pieces influence readers to not only share their own responses to a text as a reader but to influence them to use these techniques authors used in their piece for them to write their own writing pieces and help them create their thoughts and ideas for it. When I read the way a piece is written, it makes me feel something and that influences me to write.

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  1. Carrie Hall

    I like your very philosophical take on this!

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