Brooklyn Bridge Park

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Historic/Heritage Tourism

Heritage and historical tourism describes all tourist trips that include cultural activities, as well as experiences and interaction with local people.

Some of the observations I made was that on the waterfront there was Plaques on The Fulton Ferry Landing. There is also a poem in the railing that was the “Crossing Brooklyn Ferry” written by Walt Whitman.

Jane’s Carousel
-I think that the carousel is unique because it was the only one of its kind and it was on the verge of being separated and all the individual pieces were going to be bought by different people when the couple Jane and David Walentas bought it for $385,000 to keep the carousel as a whole.
-The carousel that was made in the 1920s was auctioned off and bought in the year 1984 when Idora Park in Ohio closed down. The carousel was then moved to Brooklyn Bridge Park for its renovations and touch-ups. The restoration of this carousel took 27 years and it finally opened on sept 16 2011. Jane walentas ended up creating a non profit entity for the carousel called ‘friends of janes carousel” and she even donated 3.45 million to landscaping and improvements to Brooklyn bridge park development corporation. Lastly in October 2012 the carousel was shut down for a while due to minor flooding from hurricane sandy but reopened a few months later.

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