Cultural Tourism

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Cultural Tourism


Cultural Tourism is a form a tourism where the traveler interacts with the foreign country’s culture how that culture helped shaped all that is present. For a traveler to get a true experience, prior knowledge of the location is key. With this information the traveler will be able to better understand the direction in which the region is going by looking at it’s past.

The Brooklyn Bridge park  is a prime example of cultural tourism. The most noticeable would be the Brooklyn Bridge itself. Completed on January 3, 1870 the park is a landmark all on its own. Thousands of cars cross this bridge and tens of thousands of people walk it each day. The bridge is a great place for a traveler to start considering the bridges background and the fact that it was man made.

Another great location/locations would be the warehouses. What were once grueling factories are now business, pop-up shops, and even just a place to relax. The factories contributed an enormous amount during their production. Not all was great and these big red brick building hide the true essence of what is New York.

The trip down to the Brooklyn Bridge park (even though some of us were attacked by local pigeons) was great. I have personally only been there on the weekends and it gets crowded, so it was nice to see it so vacant. New York is so diverse and it is amazing, it is like a one stop shop for culture. All around the 5 boroughs, festivities celebrating a cultural holiday go on year-round, you just have to know where to look. There are sights that as New Yorkers slip our mind or that we ignore, It is nice to see your city for the great wonders it creates and how it is always expanding. (Group: Jubedel, Anastasia, Ronaldo) 

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