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Hello all!

My name is Jessica. I’m always happy or smiling, I try to have a positive outlook even when times are rough. One thing about me is that I’m a hard worker and I will always go above and beyond to make sure the guest leaves feeling that their needs and wants were met. Ultimately my career goal is to work at JFK or any airport, where ever the wind takes me.

Hello all!

My name is Jessica. I was once a student at SUNY Delhi but transferred to City Tech because I wasn’t doing so well academically. School was something that was always hard for me, sitting down for long periods of times drives me crazy *so you can imagine how nuts I go in these two and a half hour lectures*. My mentality was “Hey, D’s get degrees” so I would do the bare minimum, I’m trying to change that. For my first semester at City Tech I’m aiming for A’s & B’s. No more slacking or procrastination. I’m trying to prove to myself that I’m better then once was. All my work experience has mostly been dealing with food. When I first started college I went in thinking that I wanted to be a chef and boyyy did that change quick. I worked in my first restaurant for a week at Bar Boulud in Lincoln Square and immediately quit. I couldn’t handle being spoken to by the chefs like some idiot. The day after I quit I called my advisor at school and switched my major to hotel and resort management. I have yet to actually work in either setting but in the end of it all I want to be able to work in an airport. Not sure as to what position but anything that can help me travel the world at a cheaper price will be great! As for personal strengths I’m not to sure what they are, I believe that I’m still in the awkward stage of life where I try to find myself. One thing for sure though is that my work ethic is great *or at least I think so* I’d love to channel that same energy into my schoolwork. In my place of work I’m usually known to go above and beyond for not only the guest but also my coworkers. I try to make the best out of the situation and never let what happens in my personal life affect how I perform at work.

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