36 Hours in…Vancouver

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From the article I’ve read, Vancouver is a city definitely worth visiting and exploring. It is always evolving and has become a huge playground for artistic creativity. Whether it’s referring to food and fine dining, museums, its beautiful skyline over the coastline or the plethora of food markets. It seems to me like a breathtaking city and leaves a lot to the imagination. Like New York, Vancouver is a melting pot of different people, cultures and ethnicities and the the city caters to everyone. Being a food lover, there seems to be many different fusions and restaurants I would visit. And from what the article stated, it seems like a days out on the town won’t cost you a lot. It’s a great tourist spot if you are into learning and experiencing new things. I like the idea of just renting a bike to touch on different parts of the city to simply explore and be absolutely fulfilled.

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