36 Hours on the Brooklyn Waterfront – Tiffany Hickman

From the Brooklyn Bridge and Prospect Park to Coney Island and the Botanical Garden, the borough of Brooklyn and the Brooklyn Bridge Waterfront is home to some of America’s greatest attractions, many just steps away from the Brooklyn War Memorial and Courthouse.

Gee, I love Giando!! | 7 p.m.

The skyline of Manhattan is unequalled in its scope and splendor. At night, when the lights of the city outnumber and outshine the stars in the sky, few sights on Earth can match its radiance. Through window walls overlooking the East River, Giando on the Water enjoys breathtaking, panoramic views of the city and three world-famous bridges. Giando has created a dining experience that delights guests with exquisitely prepared cuisine presented in an atmosphere of sophistication and elegance.



Over the River | 10 a.m.

The River Café is one of New York and America’s most unique locations. Nestled under the Brooklyn Bridge with sweeping views of the New York Skyline and the Statue of Liberty, this elegant restaurant has, since 1977, been a favorite destination for New Yorkers from around the world who demand the highest level of cuisine. Serving a wonderful classic New American menu using only the finest, freshest and often rare ingredients. With an award winning and outstanding wine list, romantic piano music nightly, breathtaking floral arrangements, the River Café is more than simply dining, it is often a magical experience.

on the river

Do it in Dumbo! | 1 p.m.

Dumbo (Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass) is an area of Brooklyn extending south along the East River toward the foot of the Brooklyn Bridge. Since the 1990s the area has coalesced into a home for both established and emerging artists as well as arts-related businesses. Dumbo has numerous landmarked buildings, cobblestone streets and stunning views of Manhattan from its riverfront park. Enjoy the arts and festivities offered while experiencing all that this historical area has to offer.

Subway: F to York Street; A, C to High Street


Gallery of Galapagos | 3 p.m.

Galapagos Art Space is a 9,000 square foot Obie Award / Building Brooklyn Award winning cultural venue located in DUMBO, Brooklyn. There is a 1,600 square foot lake inside the building, with island seating on the lake, and the lake is surrounded by a beautiful, operatic style mezzanine. This is great place to endure heritage and culture. Find a show you would want to see and relax while taking up the ambiance.


B.A.M! What a night! | 7p.m.

BAM (Brooklyn Academy of Music) is a multi-arts center located in Brooklyn, New York. For more than 150 years, BAM has been the home for adventurous artists, audiences, and ideas ‚Äď engaging both global and local communities. With world-renowned programming in theater, dance, music, opera, film, and much more. BAM showcases the work of emerging artists and innovative modern master showcases. (Ticket prices vary based upon the show).



Site-full Strollin’ on Sunday | 10 a.m.

Being that Brooklyn is the aspired destination what better way to intake history and culture than by taking a Sunday stroll along the Brooklyn Bridge. The Brooklyn Bridge looms majestically over New York City’s East River, linking the two boroughs of Manhattan and Brooklyn. Since 1883, its granite towers and steel cables have offered a safe and scenic passage to millions of commuters and tourists, trains and bicycles, pushcarts and cars. The bridge’s construction took 14 years, involved 600 workers and cost $15 million (more than $320 million in today’s dollars).


Brooklyn Bridge Park is a world-class waterfront park with rolling hills, riverfront promenades, lush gardens, and spectacular city views. The park currently features playing fields, sports courts, running and bicycle paths, a boat launch for non-motorized boating, several playgrounds, a roller rink, picnic and barbecue areas, two dog-runs, and a pool.

brooklyn park

brooklyn bridge park

A Flea of Eats | 1 p.m.

Along the way through the park Pier 5 has got the food one would crave after a eventful morning. Smorgasburg is Brooklyn Flea’s giant all-food market featuring 75+ vendors every Sunday serving everything from freshly frosted black and white cookies to giant turkey legs to quinoa falafel.



Marriot Hotel near the Brooklyn Bridge. Choose from over 665 hotel rooms and suites, many with views of downtown Brooklyn, NY and Manhattan. High-speed wired and wireless Internet access in your room makes it easy for you to stay connected. Enjoy extra spacious guestrooms, some of the largest in the city, at our Brooklyn, NY hotel. Rooms are approximately $199. (New York Marriott at the Brooklyn Bridge 333 Adams Street Brooklyn New York 11201 USA)













36 hours in Brooklyn

When people think of New York City, they think of the bright lights and huge buildings. It’s all about the scenery in new York , I’ve  been living here seventeen years and I cannot  tell you how many times I have been amazed living in the same city but noticing new interesting things everyday  . Out of the five boroughs Brooklyn is the most populated and the most upcoming. Featuring one of the biggest tourist attractions that is actually still developing and growing  today the Brooklyn water front. On the Brooklyn water front we have anything your mind can imagine and more, featuring sports, exciting places to eat, hotels and the best thing of all scenery you can beat anywhere else.


  1. The Aloft Hotel / 5 PM

Zipping past the big apple for a nice relaxing vacation, aloft New York hotel is where you need to be. Located in downtown Brooklyn on 216 Duffield Street. This hotel offers a wide span of great things, such as a lounge for that long stressful day after you get off the plane, a loft for your kids to enjoy themselves and have a great time interacting with others there age  and pea t program that allows you to enjoy your trip with your pet as well .

  1. Chestnut / 8pm



Chestnut restaurant is located on 271 Smith Street approximately 15 minutes away from the hotel.   You will enjoy a lovely organic and locally farmed food, with a French American mix, modern dinning and old world flavor.  We’ll see a great variety of didn’t foods I recommend the sea which I have did research on and heard that the sea food was the best.



  1. Brooklyn Roasting company / 8am

The Brooklyn roasting company is located on 25 jay street, Brooklyn New York. Go down and have a fresh made cup of coffee made by one of the best and most historical roasting companies in New York. With their rich flavor and steady process of making coffee that goes back into the 1900s. You can literally see the coffee that well be roasted into your coffee.

  1. Brooklyn Bridge Park /12pm


After being woken up by that fresh roasted coffee then you will be heading over to the Brooklyn bridge park for a nice twelve o’clock tour and have the chance to even relax in the park and take in the scenery.  It features so many unique sighting like pieces of the statue of liberty’s shoulder which for anyone that knows anything about New York is that the statue of liberty is huge. which having the chance to see a piece right in front of you that can be touched is something very unique and great .

  1. Sports / 4 pm


On pier two of that same Brooklyn bridge park you can enjoy an abundance of great sports to play.  Such as basketball, handball, rolling rink and even a spot for fitness usage. This is a great opportunity to go out and be active. While having a great time as well, devolving a need for something cold and refreshing where your next trip will be.


  1. The Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory / 7pm

Next we have the Brooklyn ice cream factory which offers pure and great ice cream. Located just in the entrance of the park. You can sit down and enjoy the sun set over Manhattan and the statue of liberty while enjoying that cold refreshing ice cream. This will get all the energy back into your body after possibility playing sports as I recommend before this activity.



  1. Ferry tour to the statue of liberty and Ellis Island /9 am

You will enjoy your last day doing something amazing taking a ferry boat on the Ellis islands and on to the statue of liberty. Where you can see of New York’s immigration history in one grad place. Leaving you with a lasting impression of what New York really is and what it was once before. A place where people came to get a better life and future  so there great grad kids can one day visit New York an just see what an amazing place its Turing out to be .


All pictures taken from google.com




“36 Hours in Brooklyn Waterfront” – Veronika Shalska


In the early 1900s, Brooklyn was a mecca for immigrants arriving via Ellis Island. A hundred years later, young professionals and artists left pricey Manhattan digs for Brooklyn’s cheaper and more expansive space. Neighborhoods around Brooklyn Waterfront, which had fallen into disrepair over the years, were restored and reborn as funky enclaves. Walk or bike over the historic Brooklyn Bridge (or ride the subway) to Brooklyn Heights for a stroll along the Promenade and breathtaking views of the Manhattan skyline. From the delicious Italian restaurants to the Irish bars that line the avenues of Bay Ridge, from the hotdogs and rollercoasters of Coney Island to the bagels and handball courts of Greenpoint, Brooklyn is a state of mind as well as a dynamic community. Discover why, no matter where people move on to, they remain Brooklynites at heart.

1. M.O.B. – Maimonide of Brooklyn 2 p.m.
Billed as avant-garde vegetarian food with appetizers like creamy corn soup with popcorn, dry cured fennel and sage saucisson of sundried tomato, porcini mushroom, and quinoa salad. Offers M.O.B.s which are house-baked dough made with locally grown and milled organic flour shaped like the arches of the Brooklyn Bridge and topped with fruit, vegetable, and seasoning. M.O.B. is also located in Paris. It has an original design with two long tables the length of the restaurant. It does not fit into any category except it’s own and it’s all good. There is a back yard for when the weather is nice.
2. Check-In with a Green Dream 5 p.m.
NU Hotel is located in downtown Brooklyn in walking distance to four great Brooklyn neighborhoods, including Cobble Hill, Boerum Hill, Park Slope, and Prospect Heights. The hotel is one of the famous green leaders and practices a lot of eco-friendly solutions such as tracks energy use, linen reuse program, recycling bins in guest rooms, towel reuse program, and education for guests on green practices. NU Hotel proudly boasts some of the most unique accommodations. The hotel rooms are loft-like, reminiscent of an urban artist’s studio with a touch of whimsy. Designed with a natural palette and sustainability elements, hotel rooms feature distinct touches, some with bunk beds or hammocks, others with wall murals from perspectives artists. Freshen up with our rain showers using all-natural bath products, or slip into a bathrobe and slippers and invade the mini-bar stocked with locally handcrafted wines, spirits, and snacks. Whatever your fancy, NU Hotel offers high quality New York hotel rooms and amenities with a healthy portion of Brooklyn NY style and personality.
3. The Peaceful Charm 7 p.m.
Located in southwestern Brooklyn, Bay Ridge is filled with magnificent mansions and offers stunning views of the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge. When you think of Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, images of John Travolta’s dance moves in Saturday Night Fever may come to mind. The movie, which was filmed in Bay Ridge in 1977, is just one of the historic pieces of the neighborhood’s past.
Developed in 1879 as a resort town for wealthy Manhattanites, Bay Ridge’s harborside location became a popular destination for all once public transportation began to service the area. With its quaint streets and ample park space, Bay Ridge today maintains the peaceful charm of a waterfront resort.
4. Beer and Pickles 9 p.m.
In the past few years, “everything” has grown from a bagel topping to a spice blend all its own, and we’re pleased as punch about the whole development. At Lock Yard, a new craft beer and sausage bar in Bay Ridge, everything spice gets put to noble use in a great bar snack: fried pickles.

Everything Fried Pickles ($5) come four or five to an order, long salty spears that retain some snap. They’re coated in a thin, craggly batter that mostly serves to adhere the mix of salt, sesame, garlic, poppy, and onion to the pickles. Bite past that substantial crunch and you’ll hit a shot of pickle juice. Does it need anything else? Cream cheese, of course, provided for dipping on the side.

5. Good Morning, New York! 9 a.m.
Offering magnificent views of the Manhattan skyline and the Brooklyn Bridge, Brooklyn Bridge Park with its 1/3-mile-long sliver of green overlooks Brooklyn’s busy industrial waterfront. This park encourages people to travel by walking, biking, taking the ferry, or taxi water throughout the park in order to save gas, energy, and decrease pollution. This park also provides a sustainable energy source there are a lot of storage tanks built underground where it holds thousands gallons of water for the purpose of conservation. This park is all surrounded by natural environment. The park also has an energy center that has solar energy panel that provides about 80% of the energy needed in the park. All these elements provide a complete package for tourism, especially for Eco-tourism.
The Brooklyn Bridge Park Conservancy (BBPC) has made a major commitment to transforming the Brooklyn waterfront. That commitment has resulted in a seamless blend of modern landscaping and beautiful plant life. Trees and plants from across North America, like the iconic red and green crimson clover, were carefully chosen to match New York City’s climate. The park and its vegetation are also a huge source of ecotourism. The park relies on volunteers to guide free tours of the parks. This not only showcases the waters diverse and beautiful plant life but also brings attention and more importantly business to the waterfront.
One of the activities is visiting the park to learn about marine life. The Brooklyn Bridge Park Conservancy offers education programs that introduce children and adults each year to the habitats of the New York harbor and East River estuary. Marine scientists use a seining net to catch and identify the remarkable creatures of the East River. Since the program began, participants have discovered a variety of marine life including oyster toad fish, horseshoe crabs, lined seahorses, and jellyfish.
6. Yeah Dawg 11.30 a.m.
After taking a long walk in Brooklyn Bridge Park it’s time to get some food from the first vegan hot dog cart in NYC, serving street style food since spring 2013. It offers soy free and gluten free dawgs made from vegetables, seeds, herbs, spices, and gluten-free flour, then covered with a variety of toppings.
7. Meet a Hipster 1 p.m.
Williamsburg, one of Brooklyn’s most popular and exciting neighborhoods, straddles old and new. You can explore the lively arts, music, and boutique scene here, chill in numerous cafes, dine in some very good restaurants ‚ÄĒ and soak up the creative energy and young vibe.
A mecca for young creatives for over a decade, Williamsburg is in the same cosmos as hip East Berlin. Interestingly, the hip Williamsburg scene plays out against a backdrop of old industrial buildings, modest attached homes (though punctuated by increasing numbers of expensive waterfront high rises), and a long-standing residential community of Hasidim. Williamsburg is a mish-mash of cultures and vistas, a place that’s perhaps not as beautiful as, say, the campus of Brooklyn College, nor as uniform as landmarked brownstone Brooklyn. If there’s one neighborhood that’s indicative of the “new Brooklyn,” it’s Williamsburg. Come take a look!
8. Shopping Time 4 p.m.
If it’s vintage clothing you’re shopping for, Williamsburg has a lot to offer, and in different price ranges. For just plain hunt-and-find experience, go to the huge, popular Beacon’s Closet. If you have a strong sense of your personal style, shopping at Beacon’s Closet can be a cheap way to express yourself, without breaking the bank. In fact, you can probably find a complete outfit for under $50 at Beacon’s Closet. And, it’s a relatively easy shopping experience, complete with dressing rooms. They accept credit cards. Merchandise changes seasonally, so you can actually pick up relevant wardrobe items for weekends, and with luck, possibly work attire too.
9. FARM-TO-TABLE: Take a Cooking Class at Kitchen, Tour Mast Brothers Chocolate 6 p.m.
Given the locavore, farm-to-table ethos in this corner of Brooklyn, it’s no surprise that one can also find interesting cooking classes. Need to learn how to carve a hock of ham? What to do with knives? How to make a killer pie crust? Take a class at Brooklyn Kitchen. Then head to Whisk, a to-die-for kitchen supply store. Or, treat yourself with a tour of the acclaimed Mast Brothers chocolatier.
10. Go for a Drink 9:30 p.m.
Interested in a casual experience that costs less than dinner out, but feels fancier than just having a beer? Have a nibble with your date at a bar. Or, head to one of the interesting cocktail bars in the neighborhood. If wine’s your thing, explore some of the neighborhoods small, low-key, tasteful wine bars. Not only does Brooklyn Winery feature wines for sale, tastings and events – it’s actually a real winery where you can make your own wine. It’s right off the Bedford L stop in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

11. Breakfast Paradise 9 a.m.
Tom’s Restaurant in Prospect Heights (782 Washington Avenue) has been a crowded, friendly mainstay of this neighborhood for decades, and is a winning place to begin a day in Kings County. Eat pancakes and waffles in a room filled with tchotchkes and good cheer, and watch the marvelous parade.
12. The Green Way 11 a.m.
Take a bike from Nu Hotel and explore the Brooklyn waterfront. A 14-mile landscaped route for pedestrians, runners and cyclists that will connect neighborhood parks and open spaces from Green point to Bay Ridge. It will incorporate green infrastructure elements and function as a commuter and recreation route for Brooklyn residents and tourists alike. Five miles of the Green way are already in place, including Kent Avenue, Flushing Avenue, Brooklyn Bridge Park, Columbia Street, and the northern end of Van Brunt St. Two additional miles along West Street and around the Brooklyn Navy Yard are now being designed.


1. M.O.B., 525 Atlantic Ave., Brooklyn, NY. http://www.mob-usa.com/

2. NU Hotel, 85 Smith Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201. http://nuhotelbrooklyn.com/

3. Lock Yard, 9221 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY11209. www.lockyard.com/

4. Yeah Dawg Cart, check the website for location www.yeahdawgvegan.com/

5. Beacon’s Closet, 74 Guernsey Street, Brooklyn, NY 11222, www.beaconscloset.com//williamsburg/

6. Mast Brothers Chocolate Factory, 111 North 3rd Street, Brooklyn, NY 11211, mastbrothers.com/

7. Brooklyn Winery, 213 North 8th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11211, bkwinery.com/

8. Tom’s Restaurant, 782 Washington Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11238, www.tomsrestaurant.net/

36 hours on the Brooklyn Water Front.


Brooklyn is known as one of the most Unique, go-green parts of New York. However, a significant part of Brooklyn that deserves a visit, is the Brooklyn Water Front which is along the East River in New York City , is filled with beauty, and adventures ready to be done. It is a place that will definitely grab your interest and a destination that should be added in your buckets list especially during the Fall season.


1. The warmest welcome | 5 p.m.

Whats better than staying at a Hotel in Brooklyn with the view of Manhattan and the Brooklyn Bridge? Well, staying at Hotel Le Bleu will give you not only one of the best services, but also a great understanding just in case of an emergency. It is located on 370 4th Avenue, in Brooklyn. The prices are fair. During October, two nights will come out near to 250 dollars including taxes and fees, breakfast is free, and so is parking, unless you prefer walking which is fine too because Hotel Le Bleu is close to the subway! There have been hundreds of positive reviews on this hotel, which is why it is highly recommended to you for your stay in Brooklyn.

36hrs1Photography Credit: TripAdvisor, Hotel Le Bleu

2. Dinner is served at al di la Trattoria! | 7:30 p.m.

This popular Italian restaurant is known as a Venetian eatery with a rustic setting that takes no reservations, except for large groups. It is located on 248 5th Avenue, in Brooklyn. The price value is fair, the most expensive meal is 27 dollars. The wait is short and the staff is super friendly. The food itself is definitely worth it. It is highly recommended for a classic, mellow environment for dinner.

we2Photography Credit: al di la Trattoria New York website

3. Perfect night out | 9:30 p.m.

This bowling alley and live music venue fully embraces the new mania for local nostalgia. The space takes its design cues from Coney Island with old freak-show posters and carnival-game relics, and all of the beer sold inside. Sometimes, when you have kids with you going out to clubs or bars isn’t the best idea, or when when you’re too exhausted to go out somewhere due to a trip, or jet lagging. The place that is highly recommended for you is Brooklyn Bowl in Williamsburg. It is an affordable way for you to enjoy some quality time, and have fun while you’re at it. It is located on¬†61 Wythe Ave¬†Williamsburg,¬†Brooklyn¬†11211.

brooklunPhotography Credit: Time Out New York; Brooklyn Bowl website


4. Brooklyn Greenway participation | 10 a.m.

The Greenway, is a 14 mile route connecting Brooklyn’s waterfront. When that route is finished, This 14 mile route for pedestrians, cyclists, and runners will connect neighborhood parks and open spaces from Greenpoint to Bay Ridge. So far they have 5 miles down.¬†There‚Äôs still work to do. You can help ensure the Greenway becomes a reality by volunteering. You can also help with the¬†Brooklyn Navy Yard Bike Tours, held in partnership with Turnstile Tours. Join the ride for free by being a volunteer ride marshal.

22Photography Credit: Brooklyn Greenway Website

5. A lovely walk to Smorgasburg | 2 p.m.

Smorgasburg is known to be a food truck festival which takes place in Williamsburg and in Brooklyn bridge park at Pier 5. If visiting in October, it will take place in either locations, and you will get to experience a variety of different food from different cultures. Although it is a bit pricey, it will definitely be worth your time and money. One of their famous food is the Ramen Burger which costs 10 dollars but has to be tried. It is a perfect way to enjoy different varieties of food while sitting and enjoying the amazing view.

smPhotography Credit: Eirini Papanikola

6. Join the Green team! 4 p.m.

Join this dedicated corps of volunteers who keep Brooklyn Bridge Park beautiful with their hard work and dedication to our community! The Green Team is known as a weekly volunteer group that provides essential horticultural care to the park including planting, mulching, and removing invasive plants. Children are welcome to volunteer as well with a parent or guardian.

volPhotography Credit: Unknown

7. Take a break at Brooklyn Bridge Garden Bar | 6 p.m.

Brooklyn Bride Garden is a cafe and bar nestled within the trees at Pier 1. It is the perfect place to sit, enjoy your wine or other signature drink, while watching the beautiful sunset.

CapturePhotography Credit: Etienne Frossard

8. Hit up the waterfront shows… for free! | 8 p.m.

Burned Green, which is a site listing Brooklyn volunteering opportunities, and Open Space Alliance for North Brooklyn are asking individuals to spare one hour of their time cleaning up the streets of the Burg in exchange for free admission to the Williamsburg Waterfront Concert Series. Select volunteers will be split into groups of about four people and provided with gloves, trash bags and trash grabbers to clean up North 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th streets between Kent and Bedford Avenue. You will get to watch a show or concert of your choice, and clean up after it is done for an hour, approximately at 9:45.

saturdaywebPhotography Credit: The Red Hook Fest.


9. Brunch at Le Barricou | 11 p.m.

Le Barricou which is located on 533 Grand St in Brooklyn, between Union Ave & Lorimer St in Williamsburg, is the perfect place for your last meal in Brooklyn. It is not a long wait to be served, and the money is definitely worth the variety of food this restaurant consists of. The price range is between 11 and 13 dollars.

l                                Photography Credit: Andrea T.

10. Lodging; Come back soon! | 2 p.m. 

Returning to the Hotel you have been staying at for the past two nights, Hotel Le Bleu, you realize that your 5 p.m. flight has been cancelled. Le Bleu’s amazing staff gives you another night to stay with them, gives you a discount and free dinner. Now that’s what we call great hospitality.



mapPhotography Credit: Eirini Papanikola, Google maps




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36 Hours on the Brooklyn Water Front

When it comes to New York City it is all about locations. If we know what places to go, then all we need to do is pack our stuff and head out to have an amazing experience. Out of the New York City’s five boroughs, Brooklyn is the most recognized one. No matter how it looks on TV, NYC’s most populous borough is best experienced in person. Brooklyn has a lot to offer and it even has a lot of historical attractions for those people who are interested in learning about history. On the Brooklyn Water Front, we have everything we can possibly try such as exquisite meals, sports, entertainment, hotels, an amazing view, and so much more.


1. Begging the day with a hot coffee| 8 a.m.
The Brooklyn Roasting Company located on 25 Jay Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201is on the list of the Top Ten Coffee Shops in New York City compiled by the New York Habitat. They offer the best quality Fair Trade, Organic, Rainforest, Alliance certified coffees and espressos hand roasted in NYC. The prices of the coffees are very cheap starting from $1.50 for an 8oz cup. This roasting company would be the best for the world of coffee drinkers because they have a lot of options to choose from and also because there is nothing better than a friendly staff and this exactly what this roasting company has for you. The history of this place can be told by any of the staff members. If you are curious to know just get into a conversation with any of them, I am pretty sure they will be happy to tell you.







2. Exquisite breakfast at the Iris Cafe | 11 a.m.
The Iris Cafe is located at 20 Colombia place. This restaurant serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Seasonally driven new America cuisine. Opened in 2009 by a pair of Brooklyn-raised brothers, Iris Cafe is often described as a hidden gem in the cobblestone streets of Willowtown. Part cafe, part restaurant, part bar, the cozy yet elegant space tucked away in Brooklyn Heights.  This cafe is open seven days a week from early morning coffee to late-night bar snacks and cocktails, featuring an array of wines, meats and seasonally rotating produce. The best meal is breakfast. From the breakfast menu, the Iris Cafe has a lot to offer starting with coffee to chilaquiles, the spicy Israely tomato-egg dish. A meal for two would not be more than $30.

3. An adventure at the Brooklyn Museum of Art| 3 p.m.

The museum is located at 200 Eastern Parkway, Brooklyn, NY 11238. There is nothing better than a museum for those who are interested on history. This museum offers a lot of art collections from different parts of the world like Egypt and Africa. The general admission $16 per adult, $10 for students with valid I.D, $10 per adult 62 and over, and people who are 19 and under the entry is free. There is special rates apply for group tours. The Brooklyn Museum of Arts does not only offers arts with historical facts. However, the museum also provides stunning spaces  for private events such as wedding ceremonies and cocktail parties. This is perfect for those who wish to get marry during their stay in Brooklyn.


4. There’s nothing better than a delightful dinner| 9 p.m.

The Ale’s restaurant Brooklyn location offers up a neighborhood place of refuge for both business and people around the area. The menu incorporates high quality ingredients, the kitchen prepares mouth-watering dishes that¬† you will not be willing to resist for sure. An item on the menu is Buffalo chicken wings made with Sam‚Äôs Famous hot sauce . This location offers a sprightly bar with a selection of¬† beers of more than 80 domestic and imported¬† bottled beers for those who love drinking or even once in a while. Besides from beers, they also have¬† wines and vintage whisks. What an amazing place to eat and have a couple of drinks.









5.  The Spectacular Hilton Hotel|12 a.m.

After a long day touring different places at the Brooklyn Water Front, there is nothing better than jumping into a comfortable water bed and falling asleep. Of course this can happen at the Hilton Hotel. New York Hilton places you right in the heart of the action. A short distance from the hotel,  there are many amazing  places you can visit during your stay at the hotel. Some of these places are Times Square, Central Park, the Museum of Modern Art, and Broadway. This hotel offers restaurants and bars, with options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It also offers a 8,000 sq. ft. fitness center for those who like eating but always having their body on point. This Midtown Manhattan hotel offers a very enthusiastic service. In the morning when you wake up you can enjoy a full selection of hot and cold breakfast items in Bridges Bar offer by the hotel and then take a dip  splashdown into the blue pool. The price value for booking at this hotel stars at $179.










6.  Smorgasburg| 1 p.m.

On pier 5, welcome to the Brooklyn’s Smorgasburg which is¬† a food market where a lot of different food are sell by diverse vendors. You can get to spend a lot of money depending of the kind of dish you are buying. In the other hand, you also have very cheap menus to choose from for example they have three carnitas tacos for only $9 and they are more than enough for one person. You can walk around the market and decide what you are going to buy, but trust me, you will want to buy a lo of food that you will not be able to eat by your self which is why you need to plan another trip to the Smorgasburg. After you eat, you could go near the water, rest, take pictures, and enjoy the view.








7. Sports| 7 p.m.

After having a wonderful  night and morning at the Hilton Hotel, it is time to head outside and play some sports at the Williamsburg Sport Center. The Williamsburg Indoor Sports Complex is dedicated to providing an environment where people of all ages can safely enjoy sports, recreation, fitness, and education. The WISC is committed to providing professional, high quality
programs that are consistent with our belief that we are here to serve our members
and the community. We are devoted to meeting the needs of our members in
a courteous, conscientious manner by exemplifying excellence in all we do. After you finish playing you could just grab a drink and enjoy the view of the water and buildings at pier 5.








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36 Hours In the Brooklyn Waterfront- by Marilyn Marte


New York City has become one the biggest tourist attraction in The United States. Brooklyn in specific, has so many attractions where people can visit and ¬†know about its beauty in many ways. Therefore, for tourists that are interested in ecotourism I suggest ¬†to visit and know about the Brooklyn Waterfront. This places has a little bit of everything starting with the Brooklyn Bridge Park, this park has become one of the most favorite tourist activities in New York City. The Brooklyn waterfront has an amazing view across the tallest buildings in Manhattan which make this place special, but the uniqueness of the Brooklyn Waterfront is the natural of the flora and fauna. Its environment provides the conservation’s idea of ecotourism, for example, according to Brooklyn Bridge Waterfront Park, they have a Corp. of volunteer who beauty the park by planting, mulching, and removing plants which provides a essential horticultural care as well as the ecotourism in general. People can enjoy the Brooklyn Waterfront mostly during summer and fall seasons so tourists can enjoy 100% all the activities this place has to offer.



1. The Nu Hotel |4 P.M.  


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The green Nu Hotel is the first perfect place to arrive before begin the 36 hours in DownTown Brooklyn. the hotel is located on downtown Brooklyn 85 Smith Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201, in a walking distance to four great Brooklyn neighborhoods including Cobble Hill, Waterfront Park, Boerum Hill, and Park Slope. While staying at Nu Hotel you will be able to relax and enjoy the amazing facilities that this place have to offer including food. Nu Hotel has its own bar and lunch conveniently in the lobby of the hotel, where tourists can enjoy the light, airy, and the perfect mix of urban cool and laidback  around the fun restaurant.

2. Dinner | 6 P.M. 

after unpacking your belongings, you must feel hungry and maybe don’t want to stay in the hotel for so long. So, I suggest you to stop by Siggy’s good food, ¬†it is a vegetarian organic Mediterranean-type ¬†restaurant where tourists can enjoy of a delicious veggie dinner and a organic smoothie. tourists will enjoy this place because they have really good unique food, also have a perfect location because it is located not too far from the Nu Hotel which mean that tourists can either walk to the restaurant or take a cab and it won’t cost much because it is a short distance, and lastly, tourists will love this restaurant because it’s not expensive all the dishes are very affordable.


Download from Saggy’s website restaurant images


Download from Saggy’s website restaurant images



3. great breakfast |8 a.m 

It is really important to start the day with a good breakfast. Therefore, I recommend to visit Joya- Cobble Hill. It is a vegetarian restaurant located at 215 Court St Brooklyn NY, 11201. You can walk few blocks from Nu Hotel and enjoy this vegetarian restaurant before starting a long day activities.


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4. A walking tour through the Waterfront Park | 9 a.m. 



Brooklyn Bridge Park has about 85 acres on the Brooklyn side of the East River in New York City. As we all can see it is a huge park where tourists have to do a really long walk in order to explore the whole park. Because of the size of the park there are so many activities to do along the park that tourists can easily spend the whole day without exiting the it. Which make this park more attractive for so many people from different cities, as well as from other part of the world.

5. ferry tour | Noon 

One of the things that tourists love to do at the Brooklyn Waterfront is the ferry tour, ¬†because during this tour people can enjoy the amazing view of the East Side where tourist can see the Statue Of Liberty view ,as well as, the West side Manhattan crossing the river under the Brooklyn Bridge. also while in the ferry tourists can see the Manhattan Bridge view and the new World Trade Center, which was built not too long ago and it’s really nice for tourist to see it for the first time.

ferrry tour


6. The Skyline Williamsburg |3 p.m.

the Skyline is located at 90 Kent Ave Brooklyn, NY- 11211 between Franklin St & 14 St in Williamsburg North side. The Skyline is a great green area and it is a perfect place to sit down and have a nice stretch, and at the same time admire the great view of Manhattan. But, the most special thing to do in this park is to see the amazing sunset with the family or a significant other. Also, another activity you can do in the Skyline is fishing. there is area where people can go and fish and have a really nice time. It is recommended to get to the Skyline by biking, walking or by ferry  because there is not enough parking close to the park.



7. Short break |7 p.m. 

Is been a long day with a lot stuffs to do, get off of the activities for one hour and go back to the hotel take a nice shower and get ready for the night life in the Brooklyn Waterfront.

8. night life in the Brooklyn Waterfront | 8 p.m.

After an amazing sunset at the Skyline, the city lights up and there is so many things where tourists can go and have fun. One of the things you can do is, stay at the Nu Hotel and go to the bar or the restaurant and have a relax night to start the next tour for the following day. But because you only have 36 hours to enjoy the city and explore, then you can go out and continue exploring new things. in the city there is a lot of outdoor bars or restaurants where you can visit and have a relax night after a very busy day. for example, one of the places tourists can visit after a long day is Huckleberry bar, it is a restaurant/bar located at Williamsburg Waterfront. this place is a perfect place to explore about the Brooklyn culture because specially during dinner and bar time is the perfect time to meet friends and share a lot of information about each other culture.


9. Shopping time |8 a.m 

After a very hectic weekend it is time to relax and do some shopping. Main thing all tourist do before returning home is buy some gifts for their family and also for themselves, things that remind them the pleasant stay at Brooklyn Waterfront. When it comes to shopping there is no better place than New York City. Around the Waterfront Park has countless places where you can go and get anything you like, one the shops you can find nearby the Waterfront Park are the women’s exchange located at 55 Pierrepont St. Or Shops (The) located at 145 Front St, In these shops you can buy so many things like clothing, accessories, jewelry, and much more.

10. lunch time |12. p.m 

After a long time walking and shopping you need to go to a vegetarian restaurant to have a quick delicious and fast lunch before leaving. One of the best vegetarian restaurants nearby Brooklyn Waterfront is ¬†Brooklyn Vegetarian located at Columbia Waterfront District. This restaurant has a variety of vegetarian dishes which you have so many choices to pick from. Based on the restaurant menu, ¬†I saw a lot good dishes but there was one that looks delicious, named ” Tiger vegetable salad”, I personally think it will be the perfect lunch for a vegetarian tourist.

11. relaxing time |3. p.m. 


photo taken by Marilyn Marte


photo taken by Marilyn Marte

It is always good to have a nice desert after lunch, a great idea would be to get some ice cream while walking between Pier 4 and Pier 5 of the park. Because it is the last day, you have to enjoy and take with you a breathtaking unforgettable view of the Manhattan tallest buildings, and enjoying  the rest of the afternoon admiring the following views ;

12.  enjoying the New York City lights at night 6:30 p.m.

before dinner I suggest you to go near the Brooklyn Bridge and just laidback ¬†and spend at least about an hour looking from the Brooklyn side how the city of Manhattan lights up make sure to take pictures and videos so you can show it to your relatives when you welcome back home . I promise you will leave the City with a unforgettable experience that will make you want to come back. Another thing you can do while enjoying the view you have a quick dinner time at any food truck near Brooklyn Bridge I’m sure they have some vegetarian food to offer to our vegetarian tourists. the reason why I tell all the tourists to eat at a food truck is because they can have a better taste of what is New Yorker life like. New York City is a ongoing city which everything is controlled by time, and because of that food trucks are very famous. As a result, people eat and keep walking to their daily basics stuffs.

Brooklyn Waterfront

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joya-cobblehillrestaurant.com yelp.com






pier 4 and 5 pictures taken by Marilyn Marte.










36 Hours on the Brooklyn Waterfront


We always here people say , “There’s no place like home, there’s no place like home.” I beg to differ. One of the biggest tourist attractions is New York City. New York holds a lot of culture but the heart of it all is Brooklyn. There are so many breath taking things to see and do, especially walking along the Brooklyn Waterfront. The best time to go is fall and spring.¬† But enough small talk take a trip with me- I’ll let you be the judge¬† …. 36 hours on the Brooklyn Waterfront !!



1. The Marriott Hotel | 4 p.m.

The Marriott Hotel is a great place to have the perfect experience and the most unforgettable time. The hotel is located at the Brooklyn Bridge. While staying at the Marriott Hotel you will be able to get a great view of everything.  They have plenty of rooms that are fashionable and stylish. The Marriott also has amenities including a fitness center, 75-foot lap pool, and 32 meeting rooms for all of the business people out there. This hotel is around $200 per night, but trust me it is worth the money. Outside of the Marriott there are plenty of restaurants and things to do.

2. Dinner Time | 6 p.m.

If you’re hungry after your unwinding hours in the hotel, stop by Tripoli restaurant. At this restaurant you can enjoy great Lebanese food and culture. Tripoli serves the most unique Middle Eastern cuisines. They serve lamb and beef, seafood, soups and salads, dessert, and much more. You will absolutely enjoy this place because it is stupendous and they are very inexpensive. Their food and beverage prices range from $5.00 to $17.00 . If you ask me that’s not bad at all.

3. Dance the Night Away | 9 p.m.

Get out and move your feet. Just Dance! Dance! Dance! Welcome to Bargemusic . It is a great place to go at night to¬†listen and dance to great music. Bargemusic presents chamber hall music , that is performed all week long and all year ’round. This was brought about in 1976 by a lady named Olga Bloom, who gave up her career to start this place. Ever since then Bargemusic has been open to everyone from people in the community, out of town, and families. The best part about it is that¬†it’s free, but not only that but you get a sense of culture when you step in the door. Bargemusic is usually open from 8.p.m. to 10:30 p.m.¬†I guaranteed that you will enjoy your time and dance the night away.


4.¬†What’s a Smorgasburg?¬†| Noon

Smorgasburg is a Brooklyn flea market located at the Brooklyn Bridge Park on Pier 5.  On Pier 5, 75+ food trucks appear and have food ready to go. I personally recommend the dessert food truck called Gooey & Co. They sell miniature gooey cakes in 3 selections (chocolate,carrot,and banana). I also recommend the Ramen Burger. Although the burger was expensive ($10) it was okay and a pretty cool idea; But other than that the prices are affordable. Smorgasburg is a fantastic experience. I would say that you will have the opportunity of a life time, especially if you have never been there. You will have the chance to try different foods and different styles of cooking. Also the chance to see people’s ideas which is very fascinating.


5. Are you hot? Need a drink?| 2:30 p.m.

Have you ever heard of Lizzmonade? Lizzmonade is a great thirst quenching glass of lemonade. What makes this lemonade so fantastic is that it is 100% natural. This is the second location which opened in Spring 2014. Other than their famous lemonade they also sell coffee, tea, and snacks. They also have a partnership with Gerhart Coffee Company, which is interesting because you can have some of the greatest fruit infused coffee that you can’t find anywhere else. Lizzmonade is very inexpensive considering all products are 100% natural. Just go grab a drink already!

6. Sports | 5 p.m.

You can enjoy Pier 2. Pier 2 is all about the sports. You can enjoy the basketball courts, handball courts, bocce courts, fitness equipment, and the roller rink. This is your chance to be active and move about. It is guaranteed for you to have fun and have a great experience. The sports section is 5 acres.  Perfect time to have fun late at night.

7. Mmm.. I smell pizza | 8:30 p.m.

Are you tired from all that playing? And you just want to grab a bite to eat? Something fast and on the go? Well then, Grimaldi’s pizza is screaming your name! Grimaldi’s is located right under the Brooklyn Bridge on 1 Fulton Street, which allows you a spectacular view while walking inside.¬† Their pizza is literally to die for. They use a coal-fired brick oven, that gives their pizza a smoky flavor with a crispy crust. Their pizza taste absolutely amazing and for a very little price. The prices range from $2 to $18 for the pizza and beverages. They are also open today until 11:45 p.m. I hope you enjoy the pizza pizza !


8. Time to relax  | 9 a.m.

You have had busy days so far and now you just need time to relax. Enjoy the Marriott Hotel’s full service spa. This will give you time to breathe and unwind. Enjoy the great massages, facials, pools, saunas, jacuzzi and heated pool. An appointment is required for the spa but don’t panic, the Marriott has great service. Enjoy being pampered.


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