36 hours in Brooklyn

When people think of New York City, they think of the bright lights and huge buildings. It’s all about the scenery in new York , I’ve  been living here seventeen years and I cannot  tell you how many times I have been amazed living in the same city but noticing new interesting things everyday  . Out of the five boroughs Brooklyn is the most populated and the most upcoming. Featuring one of the biggest tourist attractions that is actually still developing and growing  today the Brooklyn water front. On the Brooklyn water front we have anything your mind can imagine and more, featuring sports, exciting places to eat, hotels and the best thing of all scenery you can beat anywhere else.


  1. The Aloft Hotel / 5 PM

Zipping past the big apple for a nice relaxing vacation, aloft New York hotel is where you need to be. Located in downtown Brooklyn on 216 Duffield Street. This hotel offers a wide span of great things, such as a lounge for that long stressful day after you get off the plane, a loft for your kids to enjoy themselves and have a great time interacting with others there age  and pea t program that allows you to enjoy your trip with your pet as well .

  1. Chestnut / 8pm



Chestnut restaurant is located on 271 Smith Street approximately 15 minutes away from the hotel.   You will enjoy a lovely organic and locally farmed food, with a French American mix, modern dinning and old world flavor.  We’ll see a great variety of didn’t foods I recommend the sea which I have did research on and heard that the sea food was the best.



  1. Brooklyn Roasting company / 8am

The Brooklyn roasting company is located on 25 jay street, Brooklyn New York. Go down and have a fresh made cup of coffee made by one of the best and most historical roasting companies in New York. With their rich flavor and steady process of making coffee that goes back into the 1900s. You can literally see the coffee that well be roasted into your coffee.

  1. Brooklyn Bridge Park /12pm


After being woken up by that fresh roasted coffee then you will be heading over to the Brooklyn bridge park for a nice twelve o’clock tour and have the chance to even relax in the park and take in the scenery.  It features so many unique sighting like pieces of the statue of liberty’s shoulder which for anyone that knows anything about New York is that the statue of liberty is huge. which having the chance to see a piece right in front of you that can be touched is something very unique and great .

  1. Sports / 4 pm


On pier two of that same Brooklyn bridge park you can enjoy an abundance of great sports to play.  Such as basketball, handball, rolling rink and even a spot for fitness usage. This is a great opportunity to go out and be active. While having a great time as well, devolving a need for something cold and refreshing where your next trip will be.


  1. The Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory / 7pm

Next we have the Brooklyn ice cream factory which offers pure and great ice cream. Located just in the entrance of the park. You can sit down and enjoy the sun set over Manhattan and the statue of liberty while enjoying that cold refreshing ice cream. This will get all the energy back into your body after possibility playing sports as I recommend before this activity.



  1. Ferry tour to the statue of liberty and Ellis Island /9 am

You will enjoy your last day doing something amazing taking a ferry boat on the Ellis islands and on to the statue of liberty. Where you can see of New York’s immigration history in one grad place. Leaving you with a lasting impression of what New York really is and what it was once before. A place where people came to get a better life and future  so there great grad kids can one day visit New York an just see what an amazing place its Turing out to be .


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