36 Hours on Brooklyn Waterfront


Hotel Le Bleu| 11 am

After getting off the plane I took a cab to Hotel Le Blue. When I first arrived, I enjoyed the comfortable cozy touch to the hotel. Since I came at breakfast time I was offered free breakfast. I had a nice balcony view of the Brooklyn Bridge and the Statue of Liberty. I enjoyed that the staff was very friendly and catered to my needs. Although the hotel isn’t the fanciest hotel offered in New York, I appreciate the small environment, because the staff is able to cater to my needs. After a long flight I decided to get comfortable and get ready to enjoy my night.

Stone Park Cafe| 8 Pm

The great thing about the Brooklyn community it that all the businesses are by each other. Walking a 5 minute walk from my hotel I went to visit the Stone Park Cafe. I enjoyed the nice environment that the restaurant had to offer. I did enjoy the nice hospitality that the staff had to offer. I ordered a prime dry aged NY steak strip with an order of french fries and buttermilk onion rings ($30). I also bought some vanilla ice cream which cost $4.00. Overall I enjoyed my meal and I would recommend anyone to try this meal one day when they visit the Brooklyn area.


York Street| 10am

It is a short walk from the hotel to the F train. Take the train towards Jamaica and get off at York St. Though the walk from the train to the park is 13 minutes. It is still a beautifully sunny day, so the walk isn’t much. On the way to the park we found there were a lot of vendors selling breakfast items. We ordered egg sandwiches, doughnuts and orange juice from a food truck called Eggs Travaganza. Though it was from a truck it tasted amazing and was easy to eat once we arrived at the park and found a place to sit down. The meal overall cost $13.

Brooklyn Bridge Park, Free Kayaking| 11am

We arrived to the Brooklyn Bridge park, only an hour after it opened for the day. There were a lot of people, which I didn’t expect. During the wait you are informed that you can only be on the water for about twenty minutes, but watching others, you know it will be an experience that is worth it. You are taught the basics of kayaking by an instructor, who also keeps watch on you at all times while you’re on the water. The sun hits the water beautifully, and you can see the different parts of the park as you wait. The wait isn’t bad, especially when you have people to talk about the scenery with. The people waiting were just as excited for the experience and very willing to converse with us. Being on the water was an amazing and rushing experience. I wish it had lasted longer than twenty-minutes because I was having an amazing time with the people I traveled with. At first paddling was a bit of an issue because I couldn’t get the rhythm but after a short time of practice I got the hang of it and enjoyed it even more.

Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory| 2pm

The walk to the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory wasn’t long, because it was right near pier 1 of the Brooklyn Bridge park. I had a scoop of vanilla chocolate chunk ice cream and a scoop of strawberry on a cone ($6), and it tasted like the best mixture of vanilla, strawberry and chocolate I had ever had, and I am not the biggest fan of chocolate and vanilla mix of ice cream. The inside is cozy, giving you more of a homemade feel of ice cream opposed to a franchise like Baskin Robbins. The outside of the parlor looks like a lighthouse and its location really resembles where a lighthouse could be located. We take our ice cream and walk back to the park, appreciating the urban yet calm feel Brooklyn gives you. We stay laying out on the grass until the sun goes down and everyone decides they’re hungry.

Dinosaur Bar-B-Que| 7:30pm

New York is known for how unique they are, hearing about a restaurant called Dinosaur Bar-B-Que intrigued us to want to travel there to eat for dinner. A friend was always a big fan of dinosaurs, the idea of eating at a place called it, made him very happy. The restaurant had a unique steakhouse kind of feel to it. I had the Chicken Steak which was around seventeen dollars. I didn’t find the plate expensive because the food was beyond tasty. The chicken was seasoned perfectly, and the steak was tender and easy to cut; every dollar was worth it.

Woodland| 10pm

After having a great meal we decided to hit a lounge. The lounge had large windows that were opened letting the summer breeze in. You sat on high simple yet elegant black chairs with matching high tables, right next to the open windows. Having drinks and drinking wine (30$), the music set the mood to be a very serene and relaxed environment. We even met people who had been visiting from North Carolina; it was nice meeting people who had been experiencing Brooklyn for the first time as well. A difference between my town and Brooklyn is that the places stay open late, and you can easily take a train to where you stay.


Smorgasburg| 12 pm

After enjoying a breakfast from the hotel who generously offered it complimentary; the meal consisted of egg, sausage, and pancakes and a medium coffee. We decided to visit the Brooklyn flea by N 6th St, which had a lot of food and entertainment. There were many stands selling a variety of options to buy. I decided to buy a chicken buffalo sandwich, which was absolutely amazing; it came with a side order of tater tots and a free beverage, which cost about $11. I also bought some dessert, and bought myself a chocolate macadamia ice cream cake, which was to die for! ($6). I enjoyed the free entertainment that was provided, and I enjoyed how there were many options to choose upon. We even bought some healthy snacks (10$) and walked to East River park and relaxed, enjoying the sun and the different things we all had gotten.I overall enjoyed my day here at the flea market, and hope to visit here another time when I visit New York.

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  1. Hotel Le Bleu: 370 4th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11215


  1. Woodland: 242 Flatbush Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11217
  2. Stone Park Cafe: 324 5th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11215
  3. York Street: F train stop
  4. Brooklyn Bridge Park: 334 Furman Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201
  5. Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory: The Corners of Old Fulton and Water Street Brooklyn, New York 11201
  6. Dinosaur Bar-B-Que: 604 Union Street, Brooklyn, NY 11215
  7. Smorgasburg: 90 Kent Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11211

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