Final Project (Assembly of Razor E100 scooter)

My son received an electric scooter for his fifth birthday and I figured since I would have to assemble it I would knock down two birds with one stone and complete my final project in the process.  The scooter came with a manual and though there were illustration of components, I found parts that were required but not necessary which was odd.  Reading the very short assembly section which were two bullets long it seemed an easy task.  Once I actually assembled it I realized that there were many details that could have been included to assist a buyer in assembling the children’s scooter.  This is the reason I decided to use Youtube as my visual media to further explain what the manual did not.  In all actuality I got further once I discarded the manual which only confused me more.  The following is a link to my Youtube tutorial.

Razor E100 scooter assembly

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