Helmet for Haircut

This is my final Project

There is a Hair, Bear and Body Trimmer also people use it to give haircut.

Part identification

Switch: slide up to turn on, slide down to turn off. Charge Indicator Lamp: Lights when the unit is connected with the adaptor to an AC power source for charging. Main Blade: A precision 39 mm-wide blade which can be used with the comb attachment. Quick Adjust Dial: turn the dial to a higher setting to raise or lower the comb attachment to the desired length (between 1 and 20 mm). The comb attachment is locked in position when the switch is set to “1”. Trimming length is from 1mm to 20mm.  The actual hair length may be longer than the set trimming high. Comb Attachment for Hair:  Use this to control the trimming length. Moving and Stationary blade and Cleaning Laver: Push this lever to remove bits of hair caught between the stationary blade and moving blade. Blade Block: Release to remove the blade block from the housing to clean or replace the blade. Finishing blade of Mini Trimmer Use this when finishing the edges and trimming the moustache. Trimmer guide of Mini Trimmer Slide it up when finishing blade is used. Adaptor Use this connect the trimmer to AC power source for recharging. Oil Lubricate the space at 5 spots between the stationary and moving blade with oil after and moving blade with oil after use.

Cleaning Brush


Charging and Cordless trimming: When charging the beard/hair trimmer for the first time or when it has not been in use for more than 6 months, charging it for activation for at least 16 hours before use. If it seems only loose speed it can be charged in 8 hours.

Trimming of beard

Place the angled face of the comb against the skin and cut the beard by moving the trimmer in all directions to obtain a uniform cut . With curly facial hair, the comb attachment may not cut all of the hair. In case, remove the comb attachment and use conventional comb to draw out the remaining uncut hair.When shaping the beard, remove the comb attachment. Place the angled edge against skin and make the border of the bear even.

Now I suggest making a Helmet for hair cut.

Generally people use beard or mustache trimming in the barber shop for cutting hair. I think the makers could make that machine in other way only for hair cut. They could incorporate the hair cut instrument with helmet. They could put the blades inside the helmet. Therefore, to use it, people would just wear it as regular helmet, then press the bottom commend. In five minutes it could cut all the hair at same the level. That would be easy to use. Since the machine would be pre-set before wearing it. The users could set up for  any size they like to cut their hair. For alimentation electric, Plus the electric power, they could make it to use two or three batteries the type CR2032 also. But they should increase the power of the batteries for the good quality of service and the long-life of batteries. So, people wouldn’t not need to charge they machine every time. That would help people who leave in campaigns. Because I know there are some villages in Africa for example the people have no access to the electricity. However, they want to have a  haircut too.  If of all of these people know there is helmet for haircut. It is easy to use and easy to get. I think no many people would be going to go the barber shop for getting a haircut.  They will buy a helmet haircut machine one and use it as many times as long as they have it. Also, people don’t have to learn how to do the haircut. Therefore anyone can open the haircut shop as long as he/she can have the helmet haircut machine.

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