Midterm Project Assignment

For your midterm project, your goal is to communicate with the editors of Technical Writing 101 to explain some of the ways in which David Weinberger’s Too Big To Know should cause us to revise our understanding of technical communication. You should be specific in your critique and should base your work on evidence from the texts.

Tool Collaborations Online through blog or group
First Draft: April 3, 2013
Final Project Due Date: April 8, 2013


  • Show that you have read our course texts carefully
  • Explore different ways of expressing similar ideas
  • Consider the role of audience in various writing situations
  • Practice using a variety of platforms for communication


  • You must create four separate communications, each using a different mode or platform of communication (ex. a business letter, a series of tweets, an email message, a website, a series of images, a powerpoint presentation, a voicemail, a film). Each communication should present your communication in ways that take advantage of the platform/mode you are using. This should be posted to the course blog as a single post.
  • You must also write a short (3-4 page) paper that reflects on the different modes of presentation you have used and on the substantive issues of critique that you have presented through them. Use MLA format and in-text parenthetical citation with a works cited page. This paper should be emailed to Prof. Gold with the subject line “Midterm Project Paper: [Your Name]”


50 possible tools to use

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