Ryan Mangal – Week 6 

Dear Professor Garcia, 

My thoughts are that this genre help presidents and school counselors understand students’ struggle during this pandemic. As students, we face family issues at home, mental health issues, and even problems academically. I respectfully expressed my opinions on this topic, as we must focus on building a safer and better environment for students as they begin to return to campus in the fall. I believe that it was easier for me to write a letter rather than a traditional academic essay, as I could express and voice the opinions of my own struggles and other students. Douglass’s speech encourages his listeners to continue their great work instead of just praising them. In my chosen discourse community, I encouraged the listeners to continue to work on helping students during the pandemic through mental illnesses, academic learning, etc.… In Wu’s article, “‘I am someone’s daughter too.’ Read Rep. Ocasio-Cortez’s full speech responding to Rep. Ted Yoho”, Yoho states, “I want to thank him for showing the world that you can be a powerful man and accost women.” As students, we are powerful and deserve the right to receive the education that we need in order to fulfill our ambitions and career goals. As a discourse community, students have struggled through many hardships and need our college and university officials to understand and provide us with the proper educational support we need. 


Ryan Mangal