For my annotated bibliography project, I chose to write about issues dealing with abortion as my social justice issue. For my preliminary research, I learned about the conflicts between distinguishing whether an embryo/fetus is considered a human being. Some claim a fetus in the womb does not supposably classify as a human being, while others do. Other sources claim a woman is given the right to make choices about her body. At an early age, we are taught plants are living things. For an object that does not speak, write, blink, etc., it is considered a living thing because it carries off factors of what an organism needs to survive. As I continue to do my research, I hope to uncover the truth to this social justice issue, revealing if this is inhumane or not and if people are expressing factual or opinionated responses in turns of believing if what they are doing is right.

  1. Should parents have the right to abort their child? Why?
  2. Do social media and other publicized media have an impact on the issue regarding abortion?