WK 12

Being able to actually see the events occurring in Ferguson are both overwhelming but at the same time eye opening. I believe the photographs are evidence of the day to day situations occurring in Ferguson , there is much more to it then what the new channels have lead us to believe. The photo of the children with their hands in the air and looking dead on into the camera creates the serial thought of “this is real” although as Olson said more than likely the children are just mocking what they see or they could actually be aware of the meaning behind such the powerful hand gesture. I feel the Kent photograph and the photographs taken at Ferguson differ because in the Kent photograph you can see the look of sorrow and disbelief in the face of the individual standing over the lifeless body while in the photographs taken at Ferguson you see a community not focusing on what is going on around them at each given moment they protest but the positive message they want to convey buy raising a hand and shouting “please don’t shoot”.

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