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Photography in a general sense will always be questioned when it comes to the authenticity of a photography and the artists methods of capturing that one amazing photo. Capa is not the only artist who has caught themselves in the middle of a controversial battle dealing with staged photographs. But the picture specially taken by Capa, Death of a Loyalist Solider, has been at the center of doubt for quite a while. There are two sides to every argument and I feel I have to take sides with Capa on this one. Capa is an amazing artist not to mention brave, to go out in the middle of a war and being able to produce such a remarkable photo in such dangerous circumstances is something I know I wouldn’t have been brave enough to do. Cameras back in the day weren’t of the best quality so I can understand why someone can argue the photo not being of the best quality or being out of focus. But we have to keep in mind that Capa was taking photos on a sunny Sunday morning on a daily walk around the town, he was faced with danger from every angle. I believe the photo just happened; it is possible that even Capa himself wasn’t aware that the famous photograph that we know of now was captured until he reviewed the photos from his camera footage.

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