Week 11: The New American Dustbowl: Documenting California’s Drought

These photographs like the photographs of the FSA show us the reality of what’s going on. No filters, no staged shots and if staged it was to dramatize the truth of whats happening. It is very sad that so many of us Americans are unaware of this drought that can and will or probably affected so many of us in the United States. Majority of our fruits and vegetables are grown in California. The land must be overworked and the government probably think they can easily fix the problem so it’s not greatly publicized as other problems we face now. Like the photographs from the FSA, these photographers used different filters to capture the full effect. Black and white makes the pictures seem more in depth and the land looks drier. On television commercials that advertise children and families in need the speaker is normally in color and the needy people are in black and white. It gets the attention of the viewer more being that things are normally seen in color for the common eye. Here the photographers draw you in and make you care and feel bad for whats going on as we should.

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