Documenting Spiritualism

Spiritualism documentation I feel would be an interesting topic to study. you see the idea of photography playing a large roll in anything spiritual. It was even once believed that taking a picture could steal your soul since you eyes were the window to your soul. Also, I feel like if you take a picture at different levels of light or spectrum’s you will be able to capture  something that could not be seen with the naked eye or will an ordinary camera. The reason I believe photography can play a role in documenting spiritualism is due to its recent use in many movies that have to do with haunting, ghost, and demons.

This type of work is possible to be intrusive, because it begs the question “Do you really want to know?” Some people might use this proof to challenge other people beliefs, also if you know these other beings are out there you’ll go searching for something you can’t come back from. I’m all for the idea of exploring to see if it is real or if its just all in my head.


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