Brianna Vasquez’s Post on Why Does It Look Delish?

Oreo Cheesecake!

One of the most used food clichés is that “we, first, eat with our eyes” which is mostly true since all of our senses must be satisfied in order to fully enjoy any type of food. A culinary or confectionery dish is easily found intriguing based on how it appeals to viewers. The presentation as well as the ingredients involved evokes the flavor qualities of the dish which can create an illusion of a predicted taste of a delicious meal. The photograph that I have posted is an Oreo cheesecake that my sister and I made for my mother’s birthday. The cheesecake is an original, creamy base that is mixed with Oreo crumbs. Then, it is poured into lined ramekins with an Oreo cookie crust. But, the best part is the garnishes added to the chilled cheesecake. It is topped with a crème Chantilly and a lightly sweetened, chocolate whipped cream. This is decorated with an Oreo cookie that is frosted with gold luster dust which is an edible, colored dust in order to give it an artistic shine. I managed to change the simplicity of a dessert like cheesecake into a gourmet dessert by my presentation which emphasized the textures, flavors, and ingredients; causing it to look incredibly delicious.

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  1. You sure elevated the appearance of the Oreo, and I bet your mom was thrilled her daughters took the time and effort to make such a lovely birthday treat for her. So, another cliche is, “did it taste as good as it looked?”

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