Why Does It Look Delish?


What are the qualities that communicate deliciousness? In my opinion, this question is best answered through one’s stomach AND one’s mind. While looking at this photo of Baby Back Ribs in Sweet Vinegar Sauce, the first thing that catches my attention is how the light seemingly accentuates the sweet glaze bathing over and around the ribs. From the top, one can see how each rib is deliciously highlighted to give a sense of the meat’s tenderness and juiciness, and (quite possibly too) how satisfying it would feel inside one’s mouth and then, later on, one’s belly. The star anise and garlic, spread all across the plate, adds to it’s olfactory profile, hinting at it’s oriental and savory fragrance, encouraging images of satiation and enjoyment, or, simply, a sudden craving for a bowl of steaming jasmine rice. On the other hand, the pops of green brought about by fresh parsley, gives a nice contrast to the earthy tones of the dish, making it whole, hearty and definitely appetizing.

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